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Baidu Hotspot Customer Service for Hotspot Not Working on Windows

About Baidu Hotspot

Nowadays every smart phone is equipped with wi-fi which enables users to connect their device with available internet at the place. Baidu hotspot app provides great ease to users to connect with the internet and start their surfing work fast. It acts like a build-in hotspot for the device and enables users to connect with the internet connection available in the surroundings. Once the baidu app is disconnected it acts like a wi-fi network for other devices to connect and work on.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot for Windows

In order to get the baidu hotspot for the windows users need to follow some simple steps helping them to get the app on their device.

You can go to the website of baidu where you can select the option of download hotspot.

There users will get an option of download after selecting which they will get the app downloaded on the device.

As the download process complete they will get the option to install the app on their device.

After completing the process the app would be ready to use on the system.

Baidu Wifi Hotspot Not Working

It might happen that the baidu hotspot might not be working after completing the installation also. It might happen due to defective wireless network card or some in-stable drivers. In such situation, users are required to restart the wifi hotspot app or reboot the computer.

Another method is to follow the given steps

  • Right click on the network tray icon and select the option of open network and sharing centre
  • Select the option of change adaptor settings
  • Right click the wireless or wifi connection option and then properties option then click configure option
  • Select the advanced tab and change the settings according to brand of adaptor
  • The process to baidu set up a wifi hotspot in windows is easy and requires some simple steps to follow to get their work done easily.

Press Windows + Q and Type mobile hotspot in search bar and select the best option.

Go to settings and then select the option of network and internet and there select the option of mobile hotspot.

If in any of the process users face difficulty or they face any other issue for which they need help of baidu support team then they can visit the support page of baidu and get the assistance as per the requirement. There users would get the best and easy support from the experts.

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