Connect Xbox Controllers to iPhones Running iOS 12

How to Pair Xbox One Controller to an iPhone

An Apple device supports Xbox controllers. It means Xbox game pad can be used as iPhone controller for playing iPhone video games. No extra equipment’s or accessories are required to connect an Xbox controller to an iPhone. It usually takes few minutes to connect to an iPhone. It is very simple and easy to connect.  It is easy to Connect Xbox Controllers to iPhones running IOS 12. You just need to follow simple steps and you can connect easily.

What is iPhone Games Support Xbox Controllers?

iPhone games support Xbox controllers are the device which connects to an iPhone and by which you can easily play video games on your iPhone. It is the game controller support for iPhones. There are many iPhone games with controller support like Grand Theft Auto, Walking Dead, and LIMBO Game and many more. They are compatible with every apple devices.

How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to an iPhone?

  • First of all, go to the settings and then open the Bluetooth on your IOS device.
  • Click on the Xbox logo button to on the power.
  • Now, press the sync button at the top of the controller until the Xbox logo button starts to flash.
  • The Xbox logo controller appears on the device list. Now, pair the devices to your IOS device.
  • Open the IOS video game which ever you want and click on controller.

These are some methods by which we can connect an Xbox One Controller to an iPhone. There is one question that is what iPhone Games Support Xbox Controllers but we have solutions for it. Before applying any other method, you should check basic troubleshooting method. If you need help, you can contact to customer service. They are available for your help. You can even go to the help desk.

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