How To Setup WiFi Hotspot using Connectify Hotspot Via Customer Service

About Connectify Hotspot

Hotspot in the system provides access to other devices to connect to the internet. Connectify hotspot could be installed on the computer by downloading its setup and then continue the further process. The connectify hotspot shield pro provides different outstanding features to users like ease to connect device, share internet connection, safe and secured sharing and other devices.

How To Setup Your Connectify Hotspot

In order to setup hotspot on your system, users are required to follow the given steps –

1. Install connectify for which check the version of your OS

2. Choose a version of connectify

3. Download connectify from website and run installer

connectify downloader

4. Configure hotspot by connecting computer to internet

5. Run Connectify

run connectify

6. Select your network connection under internet to share option

7. Choose a password for your hotspot

8. Click hotspot and connect other devices to your hotspot

Users would now be able to connect their devices to the hotspot and browse content on the internet.

Why Customers Need Customer Support For Connectify Hotspot

Connectify hotspot provides essential features to user for connecting to the internet and keeps their work updated. It has variety of features for the users but it sometimes also happens that users might face difficulty in using the hotspot. Firstly, if users find difficulty with the connectify hotspot then they should ensure that the connectify hotspot detects the wi-fi adapter. It is required to ensure that the system is having the proper internet connection to create a wi-fi hotspot.

Users can also avail the connectify hotspot customer service by visiting the support page of connectify hotspot where they will get different articles helping users to get the support for their issues. Users can also interact with the support expert by calling them on the support phone number where the experts will provide solution to users for different issues in simple steps.

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