Facebook Not Responding on Mobile

facebook not responding error

Facebook is not Responding?

By increasing the number of Netizens there is also an increase in the trend of the usage of social media by them and the most loved social media website is Facebook. Since its very beginning in 2004 it has become popular. After reading this article you will be able to know how to fix Facebook is not responding.

How to fix Facebook not Responding on Mobile?

  • Check whether your Facebook app is updated or not: Facebook updates its app continuously for the addition of all the required algorithms of Facebook and to update it go to the Play Store on your device.
  • Check your mobile data or network: Most people in the world who try to use the Facebook app without turning on their data or on a very slow network which hampers the performance of the Facebook app and eventually leads to the non-responding Facebook app.
  • Clear the cache memory: The Facebook app needs a temporary file which is stored in the app’s cache directory and the accumulation can also get the app not to work properly. For clearing the cache go to the App Management in the settings and clear the Facebook app cache.

How to fix Facebook not responding on Computer?

Check the browser is newfangled or not: This can be done by updating the version of the browser.

Clear the cache of the browser: Like mobile device, browsers too collect the cache with every step and clearing the cache of the browser can make your Facebook run on the desktop.

Using a different browser: This is also a very basic technique to follow but this can work if your browser is not supporting Facebook.

Facebook Help Community: The problems faced by the user of Facebook can also be discussed in the Facebook help community to find the way out of the confusion.

There are some other fixes for finding the solutions of the Facebook Not Responding on Mobile like restarting your phone or re-login into your Facebook app and by using all the factors given above a user will come to know that How to fix the problem of Facebook not responding.

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