How To Fix Facebook not Working on Google Chrome?


facebook not working on chrome

Nowadays Facebook is becoming one of the most common parts of human life. It counts as world’s top-notch social media platforms due to its advanced communication features. Facebook is used for various purposes such as video sharing, promotions, business and more. Users can access it on all kinds of devices and browsers. Facebook is highly known for its error-free features but problems come when users try to open Facebook on Google Chrome browser.

There can be varied possible reasons behind this problem. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t fix them. You can easily fix all the Facebook-related problems in Google Chrome. If you are looking for the solutions to fix Facebook not loading properly on Google Chrome, then you need to read this article very carefully where you will learn about the best in class solutions to resolve this problem in a very simple manner.

Clear the Caches and Cookies of Google Chrome

Sometimes many unwanted cookies and caches stop various applications to work. It can also possible with Facebook. So clear them with the help of below steps:

  • First of all, open the settings of Google Chrome and then go to the more tools.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Now check the history, caches and cookies box.
  • After that, click on Clear data tab.

Access Facebook account in Incognito Mode

Try to access your Facebook account in the Incognito mode, and then log in to your Facebook account. Suppose you are capable of accessing your Facebook account in the Incognito mode, then the problem is with the plug-in:

Choose another Browser

It is very important to know that where the problem with Google Chrome or other. For this, try a different browser to access your Facebook account that will help to identify the problem. If Facebook not working in the different browser, then it means there is no problem with Google Chrome. Now you need to check your internet connection or Facebook account’s login credentials.

Check your Computer’s Time Settings

Make sure that your computer is set to proper date and time because incorrect time and date settings also stop various applications to work whether it Google Chrome or other. After updating all these settings, try to access your Facebook account on Google Chrome.

Hopefully, these above-mentioned steps will help to resolve the Facebook-related problems in Chrome.

Facebook App not Responding- Get the most appropriate solution to fix the issue

Facebook- one of the popular social networking site:

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social networking site that helps to connect friends and relatives. It let people to communicate and share picture, images and post their comments from android phone. It is a platform which allows the users to express their opinions. It is used very commonly these days.

Easy steps to fix the issue of Facebook app not responding:

Sometimes the users may face the issue of Facebook app not responding android or getting freeze. Then the users may try any of the following listed methods so as to fix the issue of Facebook app not responding. These steps are simple and easy to follow as well.

Re-Logging into Facebook: First of all the user needs to Re-log into their Facebook account. The user may log out and log into Facebook, or turn off and turn on their phones.

Clearing Facebook Cache: After this the user needs to clear the Facebook cache. The user needs to open recent apps list and then close the Facebook. After this the user needs to run Settings, then go to about , then to apps management in order to clean the Facebook app’s cache. The users of Android, the operating system of Samsung, LG, Pixel, Huawei, etc need to force stop Facebook and then clean its cache. But the users  of iOS device is not required to force stop the Facebook and then clean its cache. In these devices, the system will automatically clean the cache.

Providing a strong internet connection: The user needs a very good internet connection that helps in resolving the issue of Facebook not responding. The users may needs to try connecting to their wi-fi network or internet again once the user see a message of “ timed out” or “offline mode”.

Checking the memory space on iPhone or Android:

The users may check the memory space that is available on iPhones and Android. The procedure will be different for android users and for iOS users.

For Android users:  The users need to check it by going on Settings in order to check the free space available.

For iOS users: The users need to check the memory space by reaching Settings, then to the option of  General then to the iPhone Storage so that the user may see that how much  storage space if left on the Phone.

Updating the Facebook: The users may update the Facebook app .for doing so, the user needs to go to the Google Play Store in Android or App Store in iOS so that the users may update the app.

Updating the Android or iOS System: The user needs to upgrade the system For doing so, the Android  users need to go to the Settings , then to update. The  iOS users may  go to Settings, then to General and then to Software Update.

These steps will let the user know how to fix facebook app not responding.

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