Easily Recover Facebook Account Password Without Confirmation Reset code

facebook password reset code not working

Facebook is a widely utilized social networking platform that let users to share photos, status and live videos with their friends and family. All kinds of devices supports Facebook and users can easily use their account for various purposes. With the help of password, they can access Facebook account easily. But users also depressed when they forget their Facebook account password. There is no need to be tensed because Facebook proffer various ways to recover the password. By using their various alternate ways, users can easily get a verification code that is needed to reset your password. But sometimes Facebook password reset code not working problem often faced by the users that stop the users to reset their password.

Why does my Facebook confirmation code not working?

Facebook always send a conformation code whenever someone tries to recover their password. But users face problems when the received code not working. There could be varied reasons behind this problem and it’s very important to know about that.

It also might be caused if you are trying to getting a code on your Facebook app on your mobile devices. So use your computer or laptop to receive the Facebook confirmation code.

Make sure that, you are using the received confirmation code in a given time period. Because once this code expires, it can’t be entered again. You can also try another browser or device to get rid of this problem and then request the code.

How do I fix my Facebook password Reset Code is not working?

Sometimes user’s complaint Facebook password reset code not working problem which is occurred when they enter the received password reset code for password reset of their Facebook account. There could be varied reasons behind this problem and they can also be resolvable.

Confirmation code in Facebook plays important roles that help to verify your identity. But sometimes situations become wired when it confirmation code does not work. A lot of users experience this problem whenever they try to verify their Facebook account by using their Facebook app on their Smartphone.  But a solution to fix Facebook code not working is that you can verify your Facebook account by using your computer or laptop’ might be it worked successfully.

Another reason behind this problem might be expiration time or limit of the verification code.

Sometimes users enter the received code after a long while and there is always a time limit of this code. So it’s better to enter this code immediately after you receive it. Try to access Facebook account on another browser and then enter the received code to verify.

Request a Complaint For Facebook Password Reset Code Not Working

f you are really confused how to resolve password reset code not working problem in your Facebook account, then there are multiple ways to get better solutions. And get help from the Facebook professionals team always a reliable and best option for you. You can straightforwardly report a problem to Facebook on their support page. You just need to follow some easy instructions which are given below:

1. First of all, Go to the Facebook home page and then click on question mark sign from the drop-down menu.

facebook question mark tab

2. Now click on Report a Problem icon from scroll-down menu and then a new page will open where you need to fill some details.

facebook click on report a problems

3. Choose your problem category from the drop-down menu and then type your problem into given box. You can also attach a screenshot of your problem and then click on send tab to complete the procedure.

choose a category for report problems

How to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code?

Have you forgotten your Facebook account password? Then don’t be tensed. You can without much of stretch recover your password. But what to do if conformation code not working that you received on your alternate options or you have not received any confirmation code? Then there are also numerous ways available that will help to recover your Facebook account password without using conformation code.

If you don’t know how to perform this task, then follow the below given steps:

First of all, go to the official Facebook sign-in page and then sign out of your all Facebook account that you have signed in.

1. Click on Forgot password icon next to sign in tab.

facebook forgot password

2. Enter your username and email address and then click on this is my account.

3. Now try to provide answer of some security questions that is associated to your Facebook account. If you are not capable to give answer of these security questions, then click on restore my account with the help of a friend.

4. Now you need to choose three trusted friends that will help to recover your Facebook account.

choose trusted friends recover Facebook account

5. Facebook will send a verification code to all these selected friends. If your friends are ready, then send password to them.

6. After that, you need to enter the received verification sent to your friends into given field to begin the password recovery procedure.

Facebook send a verification code to trusted friends

7. Now enter a New password for your Facebook account and then re-enter it to confirm.

Done!! Now your Facebook password has been recovered successfully after following the above-given instructions.

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