How To Fix Far Cry 4 Black Screen Not Responding

FarCary4 Black Screen Error

Far Cry 4 Not Responding Windows 10

We all feel bored and exhausted from the daily way of life. We use various kinds of things to make sure that we feel entertains and get out of the boring and mundane lifestyle. There are plenty of mediums someone tries to listen to the audio, some watch the videos and some other activity. But games are the most important medium to relax from the boring and mundane life as it keep ups mentally fits and more alert and sound. Online games becoming of the greater trends these days as people from different walks of life use it as a medium to refresh it.  There are various types of the online games available in the worlds which are used by the user across the world. One such popular game in the world is Far cry 4.

Facing Black screen Issue with Far Cry, Then Don’t worry but follow these steps to fix it

Are you an action lover video gamer then you must have known about the Far Cry 4? Far cry 4 is an action and active adventure first person shooter video game developed by the Ubisoft Montreal.  The best thing about this game is it is used on all the platforms whether it’s Play station, Xbox and Microsoft windows. It has been hugely popular among the video game players and such is the popularity that it has been the fourth in the series of the video games.  But sometimes user does face problem while playing on this game, one of the common problem user faces is regarding Far cry 4 Black Screen not responding:

1. First of all, User needs to disable and unplug the USB Bluetooth adapter.

2. Further remove all the USB cable Gamepads, Joysticks and controllers while launching and playing the game.

far cry 4 unplug all device

3. After doing all this process, User has to go to “HID Devices and USB controllers“ then at the end of that which is located in the Control Panel and further disable any type of HID drivers such as ds4windows, X360ce, joy.

HID Devices and USB controllers

4. If that doesn’t fix the issue then User has to check about whether the dll file is missing or not.

dll file is missing

5. In order to fix the issue user has to install the “Vcredist_x64” which is located in this folder.

6. Further if you have face any issue in searching “Vcredist_x64‘’ then you can download it from Microsoft website.

7. Otherwise User has to reinstall the Microsoft NET Framework.

8. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++.

install the “Vcredist_x64”

9. Again User has to Reinstall Direct X (version 11 is required to play Far cry 4).

In case, Even after user faces any issue regarding the Far Cry 4 Black Screen not responding, then user can take the assistance from the Far cry 4  technical support representatives which are always  well versed in the domain and have tons of experience to make sure that whatever be the problem must be fixed on timely basis. They have a highly qualified technical expert team which work 24*7/365 to fix the issue on time. They also provide remote assistance to all the problem and solutions in case if you ever need proper assistance.

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