How To Fix Max Payne 3 Blue Screen Error?

max payne 3 blue screen error

Failed to fix Max Payne 3 Blue Screen Error? Get the utmost solution

Max Payne 3 is undoubtedly a great game and most of the users liked the same. However, some of the users reported the Blue Screen of Death Issue after the installation. This issue arises due to incorrect setting of the game and may be the game driver of the PC is out of date. If the issue is not fixed immediately, then it may result to the extent damage on PC.

If PC gets Blue Screen of Death after Max Payne 3 started, then the problem is at the end of the installation. If you are accessing Windows 7 OS, then make sure you have installed the service pack 1. Well! There are other alternatives also and the best one is to re-install the game and this time, follow these steps to avoid such issues. Before moving to the process, make sure the game drivers are updated and must have the version of 301.42 or above.

How To Fix Blue Screen Crash In Max Payne 3

1. First and Foremost, uninstall Max Payne 3 from your PC.

2. Now, disable the Antivirus or Windows Defender.

3. Turn off the threads that are running on your PC and for the same, click Windows key and R key together. Then, you will find the Run box, type ‘msconfig’ in the box and hit Enter. A new window will open and will show the running threads, turn them off.

4. After completing the above process, restart your PC.

5. Install Max Payne 3 and make sure the internet is turned off.

6. After completing the installation process, restart your Computer.

7. Thereafter, move to the ‘Redist’ folder and install the setup file and social club in the same.

redist max payne 3 setup

8. Move back to the Max Payne folder and click on the .exe file of the same.

9. Then, a window will try to run the same in ‘Online’ mode and will fail; thereafter, it will offer you the choice to run the game in offline mode. Select the same and Start the game.

10. You can also go for the Crack method and for the same, install the patch files of the Max Payne 3.

11. Now, copy the files of the crack folder in the Max Payne 3 folder.

After applying these steps, restart your computer and after that, you can enjoy Max Payne 3 game without any hurdle. But make sure, while playing the game, turn off the Internet and Antivirus. This method will help you to access the game in an effective manner.

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