How To Fix Various Gmail issues like Archiving and Cleaning the Gmail inbox?

gmail inbox full how to archive

Gmail is the preferred email service of millions around the world. Gmail Filters helps in organizing email in various ways. Priority Inbox is one of the newest feature introduced in Gmail. There is also the option to mute certain email conversations. Advanced search option and other search operators helps in easy identification of emails or other stored data in the account.

How To Archive Gmail Inbox ?

In this article steps to archive Gmail inbox emails and also to clean the inbox is provided. Here are the steps for Gmail inbox full how to archive –

1. Using the correct login credentials login in to the Gmail account.

2. In the search bar enter in: inbox “-has:userlabels -in:sent -in:chat -in:draft -in:inbox” and press the search button.

search bar enter in gmail search

3. Locate and click the small arrow on the search bar. Select ‘Create filter with the search‘.

create Gmail search fliter

4. Warning message of filter will not apply to new mail appears. Click OK.

5. Now choose the options ‘Skip the Inbox (Archive It)‘ and ‘Also apply filter to X matching conversations‘.

6. Finally select Create Filter.

For Archiving the Older Emails in Gmail Follow the Steps-

how to archive gmail email

  • Open the Gmail account first.
  • Click the box left of the message to select the emails. Check the boxes of multiple emails to select multiple emails.
  • Now click on the Archive button at the top of the page.

Notable Archive Emails in the Gmail inbox? Contact Gmail technical support team for the solution of the problem. Support experts are best placed in providing an effective solution which will solve the concern.

How To clean out your Gmail inbox?

Gmail inbox can be cleared in various ways as the user wants. User can either clear the read messages from the inbox or else can also clear the not read emails. To clear all the read or unread mails follow the steps –

how to clean gmail inbox

  1. Login to the account and Gmail click on the Gmail search box.
  2. For Select messages at the top left find the Checkbox Button.
  3. Drop-down box appears with all the options ‘Select: All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, Un-starred‘. Click ‘All‘ for the emails that match the search.
  4. Now select the link of ‘Select all conversations that match this search’.
  5. Click on the Delete button now.

Not able to clean the Gmail Inbox? Contact Gmail customer support for quick fix solutions. Support experts are highly trained in providing effective solution. Technical team provides all the solution related to the Gmail account. Contact the Support experts now and solve the Gmail issues.

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