Gmail SMTP Setting for Apple Mail

Gmail SMTP Server Settings for Apple

gmail smtp settings for iphone

Devices designed by apple use different operating system for functioning which is the cause behind extensive need of configuration to ensure proper functionality of the programs. Gmail is a mailing portal designed by Google which is one of the prominent services being used round the world. Though it is easy to configure yet some may face difficulty in completing the process and use the application properly. Mailing configuration may be broadly classified into sending and receiving protocols which are configured and are responsible for the connection to be made. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP3 (Post Office Protocol) are the protocols that can be used for receiving data whereas SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used for sending. Configuring SMTP doesn’t require much of time with apple and may be completed by following steps after creation of an account on the application.

The Gmail SMTP server settings for apple mail may be configured as –

  • Save the description and outgoing mail server both to
  • Change the authentication of the network to YES.
  • Username to be saved is personal mailing id and password should be of L.D.AP.
  • Now with continue, mail will verify the settings.
  • Uncheck the radio button for Take account online and click on create.
  • Now a specific account has to be selected from the list of accounts at the left side.
  • A drop down menu has to be selected which will have an option for outgoing mail server (SMTP) and choose edit SMTP server list.
  • Select and then a sub tab of advanced.
  • Select the settings for use custom port 587 and use secured socket layer (S.S.L).
  • Authentication should be saved to password and user identity should be saved with L.D.A.P password.
  • This completes the configuration but it is essential to save before closing.

Working of these settings will ensure the sent messages to be stored in the Gmail/sent mail. Many of users may find it difficult to complete Gmail SMTP settings for apple Gmail the process of configuration but it is not a problematic issue with Gmail technical support. The department looks forward for any type of queries and do not require much time for resolution. A service of 24 hours in all 365 days is provided with complete assistance. The team may be contacted by means of phone and chat for which specifications are given online.

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