Google 2 Step Verification Without Phone Number

google 2 steps verifications

How To Recover Two Steps Verification With Google

Google account has always been a secured webmail account in terms of sharing and receiving emails from the clients. At the present time, there are millions of the users using this kind of the webmail account on their personal mobile and laptop devices. It is associated with the number features and products developed by Google on a certain point of the time.

If you literally use Google service with the best security, and you don’t want anyone kind of the issue with the security in your Gmail account, expeditiously choose Google two-step verification security that has been made only for you.

How To Go For Google 2 Step Verification Recovery?

Google has quite amazing features, are most important for the Google account to use in all respects whether it is used on mobile or Laptop device. At this, if you are not sure about its security that has been compromised or not, it would be good to set two steps verification on your Gmail account with the help correct email address and mobile phone number that will help you to send the verification code correctly. If you have stolen Google account password, you are strongly required to go for the verification recovery procedure.

Have a look how to fix it.

First of all, you are required to try the previous password, if found an error, go for the recovery procedure.

1. A select backup option that will help you in sending the code to the mobile phone you are using.

google verification recovery

2. Enter the code and select the password recovery steps for 2 steps Google verification.

3. Now you can enter the new password into both new and confirm password field at the end.

How to go for Google 2 step verification without phone number:

In case, you forgot the mobile phone number and trying to Google two steps verification, you are going to learn it to do so without a phone number. As a matter of fact, 2-steps verification adds an extra layer of security to your users managed Google accounts by requiring them to enter the verification code in addition to their username and password during sign in.

Let’s set up two steps verification without phone number:

1. At first, sign in your Google account with the help of email address and password and go to the settings.

2. Select two steps verification option and select don’t have mobile phone option.

google 2 steps verifications without phone

3. You can select the backup code and click on the send code and, press OK button.

google 2 steps verification backup code

4. Your backup code can send to your alternate email address or any other mobile phone number that you are having.

google backup code

5. Eventually select don’t ask for the code again.

How To Access Gmail without 2 step verification?

If you don’t want to access Gmail account with two steps verification, you are required to turn off your two steps with the Gmail account. In this case you have to sign in your Gmail account to go to the settings where you can find out the option to turn off two steps verification with ease.

Here are the ways to avoid hassles while doing so:

1. At first, sign in your Gmail account via suitable credential into the correct field.

2. Go to the settings and select the sign in & security section on My Account.

gmail sign-in security

3. Select two steps verification button and enter the correct username and password.

4. If there is a code asking you to enter that into the correct field then go to the change option.

5. Select two steps verification and press turn off button to access your Gmail account easily.

If want additional help and support related to the Google account and its security, contact our tech support adviser at any time as they are available at their office at 24 by 7.

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