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How To Fix Issues With Google Chrome Extension

Most of the computer users across the world use Google Chrome browser to surf the internet. But with lots of features and functionalities, Chrome browser sometimes stops working. The reason could be many that can be fixed if you know the reason and its solutions. People who are not technically strong may have the question in their mind how do I fix my Google Chrome? Such users need the tech support for fixing the issues immediately.

Browsing and navigation using google chrome is easy and you don’t need any expertise in this but few issues like browser crash, blank page, system hang etc. are few issues that need to be taken care of carefully.

Frozen Tabs: Many times while browsing, Google chrome hangs and no command works then. It is the case of frozen tabs. Its reason may vary. But most common reason is opening a heavy website or multiple websites at a single time also makes google chrome unresponsive. The issue can be solved by following a set of steps.

  • Press Shift+Esc to open google chrome task manager.
  • Select the Frozen tab that is unresponsive.
  • Click on End Process.

If multiple tabs are unresponsive, follow the same process for each tab.

Disabling Extensions: Extensions are used in google chrome to extend its functionality. But sometimes extension installed from third party creates problems with your browser. User complaints like Google chrome extensions not working can be fixed by simply disabling the extension.

chrome extension disabling

  • Open Google chrome and click on menu icon.
  • Click on Tools and select Extensions.
  • From the list of installed extensions, un-check the extensions you want to uninstall.

Remove Cookies: Google chrome stops working due to corrupted cookies too. It can be solved by clearing the cookies.

google chrome remove cookies

  • Open Google chrome and click on menu icon.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Go to bottom of window and click on Show Advanced Settings.
  • Click on content settings.
  • Look for cookies and click on it.
  • Click on remove to clear the cookies of chrome browser.

Clear local storage folder: Local files of the system if gets corrupted can cause various issues in google chrome browser. It may hang up your system or freeze the browser tabs, or can continuously cause system crash. Thus the issues need to be taken care of urgently. Follow the below steps to fix the issues with local folders.

clear google chrome folders

  • Close the google chrome browser.
  • Open control panel and click on Folder Options.
  • Select the view tab and tick mark on Show hidden files, folders and drives.
  • Now delete files from the chrome user data location.
  • Now open Google chrome and use it seamlessly without any issues.

These issues must be fixed on immediate basis as this may create issues with your system too. Thus as you feel that your browser is having issues then get the reason and fix it immediately. You may contact chrome support team to fix the issues.

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