Google Maps Arrow Not Working on iPhone

Is Google Maps Arrow not Moving in iPhone? Here’s the effective solution

Google Maps arrow not moving on iphone

Google Maps is a navigating application which supports most of the Operating Systems including iPhone. The features of the Google Maps are outstanding and offering exact and accurate location. However, some users reported the issue, ‘Google Maps arrows not working iPhone’. There may be multiple causes such as lack of compass calibration, Location services and more. So, you have to perform various methods to fix the issues and the details are listed beneath.

How to fix Google Maps arrow issues in iPhone?

Keep Location Services in ON Mode

Keep Location Services in ON Mode

  • Open Settings from your iPhone and then move to the Privacy section.
  • Under the same, you will find Location Services; tap on it.
  • Enable the switch in ON mode.
  • Under the Location Services, you will find various options, scroll down the page and select Google Maps.
  • Enable the service mode in ‘Always’.

Turn ON the Compass Calibration

Turn ON the compass calibration

  • Open Setting from your iPhone.
  • Move to the Privacy section and select Location Services.
  • Under the same, you will find ‘System Services’, tap on it.
  • Navigate for the Compass Calibration in system services page and choose the same.
  • Now, look down the status of the Compass Calibration, if it turned off then turn it ON.

Update Google Maps

update google maps

  • Launch App Store from your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Google Maps in the App.
  • Select the same and then look for the version, if you are using the oldest one; then tap on the Update button to access the latest version.

Update iOS

Update iOS

  • Open Settings from your iPhone.
  • Select ‘General’ option from the settings page.
  • Under the same, you will get several options; select ‘Software Update’.
  • The device will be configured with the advanced version of the iOS.

Apply these methods to fix the above-said issues. Sometimes ‘Google Maps no direction arrow’ issue makes users annoyed, the above-said solution will work for this issue, but if it remains, then goes for the additional solutions and the same are listed beneath.

Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings iphone

  • Open Settings from your iPhone.
  • Move to the ‘General’ section and tap on ‘Reset’.
  • Scroll down the page and tap on ‘Reset Network Settings’.

Reset iPhone

reset iphone

  • Press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see the slider on your screen.
  • Slide the switch in off mode.
  • Now wait for sometimes, and then start your iPhone by pressing the Sleep/wake button.

Also, go for another method; Uninstall Google Maps and then Reinstall the same. The entire methods which have been discussed will resolve your issues. Follow the methods in the sequential manner and get the best output.

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