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How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

Learn on How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy: Have you heard the term of the custom Domain name and wondering what is it exactly? Well, let me tell you that what exactly it is for. Today in the market, there is a number of bloggers who indeed start their blogging journey with great a passion and obsession with the help of greatest platform of or These two platforms are so simple to use and manage by a typical blogger who understands the best concept ofRead More

How To Fix DNS Server Not Responding Windows 10

DNS Server is Not Responding DNS stands for domain name system and it is a naming system for computers, servers, services and other resources that are connected with internet and other networks. Domain name system is the most important and integral component for the functionality of internet services. The function of the Domain name system is to assign a domain name to the numerous websites that use the internet. Domain name system also provides the technical functionality of any database server. Hence we can say that Domain name server isRead More

How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error in Godaddy

Fix the 500 internal server error by disabling Web.config file: This is a hit and trial method and this might become useful when you want to fix the error 500. If disabling causes to fix the 500 errors but re-enabling causes the issue to reoccur. So, by the time you have disabled the web.config file, it might let the website temporarily up and running and you can look for the causes of conflict. Fix 500 internal server errors by setting up New Web Hosting: If you are unable to resolveRead More

How To Setup A Minecraft Server on Windows 10

Contact Techies to Get Help in Installing Minecraft Server on Windows 10 instantly: Windows 10 operating software has brought several features and products to entertainment yourself. It is a perfect part of the Microsoft Corporation that helps to download and install multiple applications online. Windows OS is associated with the number of applications to navigate the files and products online. Apart from that, it also recommends downloading and installing the games showing on the menu list from the Microsoft app store. How to manage it online? If you want toRead More

Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Contact Cheap Hosting Providers to Get The Best Web Hosting Sites Web hosting is one of the best procedures that help to design an important website for the online business. There are various customers who being stared their business online and for the best marketing getting help to develop their website from web hosting engineers. At the present time, there are various web hosting services available in the market that helps to release websites like GoDaddy, WordPress, Wix, and much more. So if you are going to obtain a cheapRead More

Get the important features of G Suite Customer Service

Beginners can suppose G Suite as a container that includes many products and services like Email, online chat, cloud storage, productivity app and other collaboration tools as well powered by Google cloud. Generally, these features of Google are a paid product that can enhance the quality of business and other expectations. Users can avail Gmail with any domain address, competitive margins and online storage and calendars etc. These facilities are being availed by millions of users worldwide thus some error may cause a headache. Since all the products and servicesRead More

How do I recover my Gmail account password without using security questions

Gmail is one of the top-rated email services used by the billions of users all over the world due to its secured mailing features. Users can easily send and receive their important emails in a very secure way on various devices. Gmail is highly known for its error-free services. But sometimes users confront various technical issues while using their Gmail account and forgot password is one among those common problems. Sometimes users entered the wrong password too many times or any unknown activity try to access your Gmail account, thenRead More

Reset Apple Id Password using my password

Reset Apple Id Password using It may happen to you that you face certain awkward situations where you will not be able to reset your account password. To find help at such occasions, you should contact the team of experts on time. The support engineers will listen to your issue and help you out until you will not be satisfied. Multiple threats have been resolved by team of experts. Here, you can find help to one of the bug: How can you reset your password using the Apple ID?Read More

Execute These Simple Steps To Install Cubecart In Localhost

Instant Steps to install Cubecart in Localhost: The installation of Cubecart in Localhost involves the below listed steps. The users may follow these steps and thus be able to install Cubecart in Localhost. All the steps for the installation of Cubecart can be simply executed and implemented in an easy manner. Step 1: Download CubeCart The first step involved in the process of how to install Cubecart in localhost is the installation of Cubecart is to download Cubecart. The user needs to download the application’s installation package.  The users mayRead More

Troubleshoot the Issue of HP Printer network security key Mismatch

A network security key is the password or alphanumeric key using which end users can access local area network. There are common security protocols which include Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) and WPA2. These are variants of protocols which have their own methodology to keep the network secure and safe. So, whenever you are trying to connect your hp printer and there is messages prompting up hp printer network security key mismatch, then, you need to go through following troubleshooting options to make sure that you enterRead More