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How To Transfer Google Authenticator To a New Phone?

You are urged to use Google Authenticator or two-factor authentication app if you are not doing it. If you are willing to switch to a new phone, whether you are using it or planning to use, you need to know some technical steps. Here is what you need to do in this regard. Today we have taken the responsibility to tell how to transfer Google Authenticator to a new phone. Install Android Google Authenticator or iOS on your new phone 1. Open your web browser 2. Now you need to loadRead More

How To Setup OpenVPN Server on Windows 10

About OenVPN Server – OpenVPN is ideal for Windows Phone, Android Phone, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, FreeBSD, Maemo, iOS, QNX, and Solaris. This open source SSL VPN forms secure point-to-point connections. It allows the users to have the most secure VPN for their situation and offers many user-friendly features. Due to the growth of online privacy and security concerns, VPNs are becoming much popular. Today we will discuss how to setup OpenVPN server on Windows. Before you start the configuration process,Read More

Know How To Install Wamp Server In Windows

Ways to instantly know how to install Wamp Server in Windows: The users may follow the steps stated below in order to know how the users can install wamp server in windows. For this the user needs to follow a certain set of instructions in order to know how to install wamp server in windows. These simple steps will let the user know how to install wamp server in windows. The user needs to download the wamp server from the wamp server website. Then the user needs to scroll downRead More

Google 2 Step Verification Without Phone Number

How To Recover Two Steps Verification With Google Google account has always been a secured webmail account in terms of sharing and receiving emails from the clients. At the present time, there are millions of the users using this kind of the webmail account on their personal mobile and laptop devices. It is associated with the number features and products developed by Google on a certain point of the time. If you literally use Google service with the best security, and you don’t want anyone kind of the issue withRead More

HP Printer Not Working Properly

How To Fix HP Printer Not Printing Anything Digital devices have become one of the crucial parts of our life. It not helps in improving our living standard but also help in doing our day to day activity.  There is numerous numbers of technological devices which help in increasingly becoming part of our day to day life. One such device which has played a crucial role in our life is Printer.  Printer is one of the major device which is used in day to day life everywhere whether its office,Read More

AT&T Internet Not Working Today – AT&T Internet is Down

It is a Transmission Company proffers their wide AT&T Wireless administrations to both their corporate and private clients so that there life could never be affected as a result of terrible Technology. It likewise protects you from various issues like spam sends, security against infections and malware, help from mail organizing and some more. It offers fast Internet services, email benefits group enjoys all terms of settling your issues by proffering you well ordered determination of your issues. We work day and night for the benefit of you with theRead More

Get Excellent HP Printer Customer Service via Experts Help

HP or Hewlett-Packard is one of the most famous and leading electronics company, all across the world. It provides services for Electronics, Networking, and other Peripheral devices. HP manufactured a plenty number of Printers, which is widely used by the users to accomplish their personal, business, Office, School, and College, related  tasks. It makes very easier and faster work for the user and fulfills their needs. HP caters many numbers and latest printer model, which users can also seek on its website in order to gain more knowledge about products.Read More

How To Install Apache Server On Windows ?

Apache server is the best solution to test your PHP and Perl Script. Most of the professional web developers use Apache to test their PHP and Perl scripts. An official website plays an important role in every business, and also works as an important tool for influencing the consumer base. One small mistake can affect the consumer and viewer base of your website. Most of the new users get confused at the time of installing and using the Apache 2 server on their windows operating system based computers. If youRead More

How To Setup Dedicated Server For Web Hosting

Specification to help out to Choose Better Performance Dedicated Server Dedicated server hosting is a server configuration in which a server is devoted to a single organization or for a single purpose, such as a website. In this, clients have full control over servers, including choice of operating systems and hardware. If you are puzzled how to get dedicated server, then, you can go through following specifications. Being an organization which has to save huge amount of data, and if you are also looking for getting the best dedicated serverRead More

How To Install SSL Certificate in Windows Server

Don’t know how to install SSL Certificate in Windows Server? Here’s all one needs to know: An SSL certificate is generally called a small data file that digitally binds a cryptography key to an organization’s details related to the SSL mail server. When it installed on the web server, it activates the padlock and the HTTPs protocol that allows securing the connection from the web server to a browser. It helps from the unauthorized access to the internet browser platform when using any kind of the webmail account easily. HowRead More