Just Follow These Steps And Easily Set Up Hotmail Account on iPhone!

Hotmail as we all know is one of the oldest as well as one of the most extensively being used email services that have been provided to people so that they can easily send and also receive emails on their Hotmail account. Hotmail account have several different features which makes it more credible as compared to the other email services.

Despite being so utilised there are still times when the users face issues in accessing their Hotmail account. So, for this the users can easily rely on the services that have been provided to the users for resolving those issues.

On the other hand, Hotmail is also compatible with all devices and can easily be set up in all devices from android to iphones and mac. The set up of Hotmail account on devices requires different set up processes. Like wise iphone hotmail email setup has different process that needs to be followed by the users if they want to set up their Hotmail account on their iphones.

There are times when the users don’t get the right steps for setting up their Hotmail account and face issues regarding it. The users therefore asks this question How do I add a Hotmail account to my iPhone and for which the answer is the below mentioned steps.

1. First of all the users need to go to the settings of their iphone.
2. From there they are required to go to mail, contacts, calendars option.

3. Then the users need go to the add account option.

4. Now click on Outlook.com.

5. Users then need to mention their Outlook email address and also the password.
6. Users also need to provide a description of their account.
7. Select next ones these information are provided.
8. Now the users need to select on the data that the users want o access on their iphone.
9. For this he users just need to select on sync email, contacts and all the other products that the users want to sync with the Hotmail account.
10. Ones done, the users need to select on done.
11. Now the users need to go to the mail app on their iphones.
12. They will then see their Hotmail account listed in the apps.

Therefore, the users have to follow the above mentioned steps if they want to set up their Hotmail account on iphone. On the other hand the users can also get hotmail support for iphone services via using help forum if they have any issue regarding these steps.

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