How Do I Setup A VPN on Windows 10

Use VPN flawlessly in Windows 10

People can use VPN (virtual private network) on Windows 10 PC for personal as also professional reasons.  In fact, millions of offices around the world are using VPN for accomplishing important activities. Windows 10 is a perfect OS for using VPN in any environment without facing any security threat. In fact, VPN can provide a 100% secure network system. People often look for expert support to set up VPN in Windows 10.

Configure a VPN Connection in Windows

People go on asking, how do I set up VPN on Windows 10? Before connecting to a VPN or configuring the system for VPN compatibility, it is necessary to create a VPN profile on the PC where the VPN will be used. There are two primary processes for creating a VPN profile:

  • If it is linked with the office set up, the office will supply all necessary information to create a profile.
  • If it is for personal use, the user needs to create his or her own profile.

Expert customer service will ask to follow the steps mentioned here to create a personal VPN profile:

add a vpn connection

Step 1: The user needs to follow the path Start > Settings > Network & Internet > VPN > Add a VPN connection.

Step 2: The user needs to select the connection name box and type his or her preferred name for recognizing the connection.

Step 3: In the Server name or address box, the user needs to type the VPN server address.

Step 4: In the VPN type option, the user needs to put the type of VPN connection the office is providing or the VPN service provider is offering.

Step 5: In the “Type of sign-in info” option, the user needs to provide the process to be maintained to log in to the service. It may be user id and password combination, only one-time password, smart card, etc. The system will ask to provide relevant information.

Step 6: The changes made is to be saved in the last step.

The changes so made in the above-mentioned process can be edited anytime later. In the case of any advance settings, like if the user needs a proxy network settings, he or she needs to do so through “Advanced Options”.

Connecting To a VPN

A VPN connection can be made only when the VPN network is correctly configured. After the profile creation process accomplished as stated above, the connection can be made in the following ways:

Step 1: The network icon is to be selected from the far right of the taskbar or from the “Network and Internet” in the settings option.

Step 2: If there are a more than one VPN connection available on the PC, then the user needs to select the preferred connection.

Step 3: The “connect” button as appears is to be used for connecting to the network.

Step 4: The user needs to enter the User Id and Password for completing the connection process or use the other process as he or she has set up in the profile. As along as the VPN is working, the term “Connect” will be displayed underneath the VPN connection name.

The user can set up as many VPN networks as required in the above-mentioned process, but each time he or she needs to mention the VPN to be used and related connection procedure is to be followed.

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