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Gmail Account Locked How To Unlock

Gmail is one of the widely used email service with instant email access facility along with email management features. Gmail avoids any type of unauthorized access and also user can enhance the security of the account to prevent it from any security glitch. Gmail is very strict and in case of any unwanted email account interference it blocks the Gmail account.

Why Gmail Account Locked?

gmail account disabled

There can be various reasons behind the account lockdown and this article will state the various reasons which can lead down to the lockdown and also will provide solutions unlocking the Gmail account. Receiving or downloading large ail via POP or IMAP in a short period or sending large amount of un-delivered messages can also block the Gmail account. The can be also other reasons behind the Gmail lockout like inbox reloading issue, using Gmail from different locations or user has attempted large number of sign-in attempts.

Gmail filters also detects the suspicious activity and it also marks the suspicious activity of the account. Large number of spams can lead into blocking of the email account and given are various processes which will help in the unlocking of the Gmail account.

First Process of Unlock Gmail Account

During every sign-in attempts, cookies data is taken and stored in the server. These cookies help in the further account login. But if the user has exceeded the number of attempts then the cookies will expire and resulting in the Gmail lockout. Sign-in using a different Google server and these servers doesn’t have the knowledge of cookies expiration and thus can be used for login.

Second Process of Unlock Gmail Account

If the first process doesn’t work then Gmail user should wait for 24 hours for the Gmail lock down uplift. Although Gmail user can access the mails quicker by removing the IMAP and POP settings made from the email server, closing all the Gmail instances, revoking the software and clearing the browser cache.

Third Process of Reset Account Password

Follow the steps to reset the account password and unlock the Gmail account –

  • Open the Gmail login page and click on ‘Need Help?’.
  • Choose the option of ‘I don’t know my password’.
  • Enter the Gmail address and click ‘Continue’.
  • Also enter the mentioned characters and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Answer the Security Questions and access the password reset page.
  • Enter the new Gmail password and save the done changes.

If the email access of user is locked out of Gmail account suspicious activity then follow the above mentioned steps to unlock the emails. Also in case of any problem contact the Gmail technical experts and take the remote assistance. Support expert will provide all the necessary steps to avoid future lockdown. Dial the Gmail help desk number to reach out to the experts directly over call.

How To Unlock Gmail Account without Password?

If your Gmail account has been locked then you need to unlock your account. To recover your account without password, here we are describing two method for unlock your account.

Method 1:

  • When you login your account then Google takes Cookies data and store this data on server to help for further login.
  • But if you enter wrong password then these cookies undergo expiration after completion of limited steps so that your account i locked.
  • At that time, you need to access your account on different Google server because these server do not have any idea for cookies expiration.
  • So that you can start fresh and login your account.

Method 2:

If you face any issue to fix Temporary Locked Gmail Account problem by using above method then you may follow the given below steps. These steps will help you to rectify your issues.

  • You need to remove IMAP and POP settings which you have done on the mail server of Gmail account.
  • You are required to close all the Gmail application in your web browser.
  • You will have to cancel all the third party software if you are using it.
  • After that you need to remove browser extension to delete the cookies.
  • Finally you will have to clear all the cache of your browser then you need to login your account.

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