How To Block People On Houseparty

How To Block People On Houseparty

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Best 2020 Video Chatting App – Houseparty

Social networking sites have gone to next level in the recent years and one of the best features they are embedded with is the online video chatting services. However, there are many applications that solely provide video chatting services only and not only that but they also comes with many in-built features and tools to make your chatting experience amazing.

Now, Houseparty is one of the most downloaded applications in the recent years and millions of users have been enjoying its benefits worldwide. As per the recent data collected, users spend approximately 51 minutes per day averagely during group or one-on-one chats. Houseparty is compatible on all the PC and mobile devices including Windows, MAC and Android platforms. So, if you are new to this trending video chatting application and have been facing confusion such as how to start a Houseparty or how to add/block someone on it then read this article further to know more.

Steps To Start A HouseParty

When you launch the Houseparty application, you’ll see your own face on the home screen along with the recently contacted friends. Now, follow the steps mentioned below to start the Houseparty.

  • Swipe down to the menu on your home screen and then scroll to the Plus sign on the top right corner
  • Here, you’ll find all of your contacts where you’ll need to select the Invite To Room to invite your friends
  • Or you can also simply use the Dice icon on the top right on the home screen and invite the player to the room

Add Friends On Houseparty: Steps

While you install the app on your device then you’ll be prompted to allow the access to your contacts during the setup process. With this, you’ll be able to pull a friend list of your buddies who have already been using the application. Here are the steps on how to add friends on Houseparty.

  • Hit the “Add” button to put your friends in the friend list or you can also use the “Invite” button to pull them on the application
  • Alternatively, you can also ask your friends for their username and then navigate to the little face on the top-right and select Add Friends and then click on the Add by name button

Block Someone On Houseparty: Steps

Social media has its own negatives and the most annoying one is when someone unknown joins you on your account. In the case of Houseparty, this could happen when you have not locked your party or have enabled private mode in your app. In this way, anyone can find your chat room open and then join you. So, if you wish to block someone on Houseparty who has been randomly added to your friend list without your concern then here’s how to block people on Houseparty.

  • Launch your Houseparty app and then navigate to the Account section
  • Here, select the Settings and then the Private Mode
  • Enable the private mode and then it’ll lock all of your chat room or put it to personal so that you can only interact with friends that are in your friend list

Contact Customer Services For More Information: Houseparty

Houseparty being a free application also allows you to play games on it with your friends while you video chat with them. Additionally, it also has some unique features that makes the application one of its kind. However, if you have any further regarding how to start a Houseparty the contact customer services.

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