How To Change Facebook Username

Simple Steps That You Need To Follow In Order To Change The User Name Of The Facebook

Facebook is the social media platform that has basically attracted the attention of almost all the age type. It has gained the momentum since it is totally free of cost service and allows you to easily connect to the people with whom you are not able to get in touch personally. You can easily share the things of your interest or other things with you near and dear ones by the help of the fb and hence it is a kind of mandatory application in everyone’s life.

Now just think of the time when you may have created your fb account, that was the time when you may not be mature to set a perfect user name or the url. And the other thing that may be possible is that you may have set a name linked to your previous work or the company. But when you shift from that company now you wish yo change the user name or the url of the fb.

How to Change Your Facebook URL and Username?

If you want to change the username or the url of your fb then there are few things that you need to keep in your mind that this is the task that you can just do once. So the simple steps for doing so is explained below:-

  • you just need to go to the top pf the page and there you have to click on the edit page.
  • Followed by selecting the update info, once you tap on it then you have to simply move ahead.
  • And there you have to simply click on the change username option by going in the username section.
  • Then it is the time when you need to enter a new user name of your choice, so just enter a username that you wish to add followed by clicking on the check availablility option.
  • This is the step that you need to follow since you have to first of check for weather the user name that you have opted is available or not.
  • Once you check it and it is available then you simply have to tap on the confirm button in order to save it.
  • Once you tap on it now the new user name is saved and you can further login to your facebook account by using this new user name.

So the above mentioned steps are the simple steps of knowing how to change facebook username. And you can follow the above steps without any problem but some people are so novice for fb that they are not able to do as written above and hence in that situation you need not have to panic. Since you still have a number of ways to deal with the issue that you are facing like you can contact the experts from the company to get the solution of the above mentioned issue.

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