How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error in Godaddy

Godaddy 500 Internal Server Error

Fix the 500 internal server error by disabling Web.config file:

This is a hit and trial method and this might become useful when you want to fix the error 500. If disabling causes to fix the 500 errors but re-enabling causes the issue to reoccur. So, by the time you have disabled the web.config file, it might let the website temporarily up and running and you can look for the causes of conflict.

Fix 500 internal server errors by setting up New Web Hosting:

If you are unable to resolve the issue, another method through which you could fix the

Internal server error is by backing up all WordPress files and MySQL database file. In the next step, you can set up a new web hosting account. If it takes more time to Figure out the causes of conflict, then, it is better to set up a new web hosting account And you can reinstall the website and it is the only way through which you can fix the 500 internal server errors.

If you are still looking for the answer of how to fix 500 internal server errors Godaddy, Following are some more troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check if the software has been upgraded to a newer version, it might happen that the upgrade failed and it is needed to be refreshed, there could be the error in the installation Process.
  2. If you activated new plugin or theme has been activated, then, this could be the cause of the problem and you need to roll that change back and check if this had been the cause of the problem if it is then let it be in a deactivated mode.
  3.  GoDaddy Web Hosting 500 Internal Server Error might occur if the software has been upgraded and there are older plug -INS or themes which might be incompatible with the upgrade. You need to again deactivate the pig -INS or themes and check which one causes the problem and let it remain deactivated until an update is released.
  4. There could be a problem with the host side also. It might happen that the host had not set permissions correctly. Also, there could be an issue with a .htaccess file of the directory.

The issue of GoDaddy Web Hosting 500 Internal Server Error might have occurred from server side and it might be required to debug server-side scripts:

Incorrect permissions granted for file or folder might be the cause of the error. So, if you are baffled about why the script does not throw the error, it might be because the server is unable to run the script.

There could be script timeout from server-side script and programming error which could have put the script in the endless loop might be the cause of it.

Another reason for the occurrence of internal server error could be due to server timeout, this might happen as the server was busy, needed to be rebooted or there was a loss of connection, so, one needs to still check out for something. The script is likely to fail during production when it is accessed by more users if it times out during testing.

There could be the error in the coding of .htaccess file and you should check out this file if none of the situations listed above can be applied.

You can also recycle your application pool and can resolve the issue of GoDaddy Web Hosting 500 Internal Server Error, following are the steps to resolve the issue of internal server error:

  • Log into the account of GoDaddy.
  • Click on Web Hosting.
  • Click on Manage which you can find next to hosting account that you want to use.
  • Click on Plesk Admin
  • Click on Dedicated IIS Application pool for your websites.
  • Click on Recycle.

With the above steps resolve the issue of internal error and even if the above one does not resolve the issue then try some more troubleshooting steps:

Go through following and you can resolve the error when you need to know how to fix 500 internal server error GoDaddy, and go through following and rename the plugin folder:

Via File transfer protocol, you can rename the plugin folder.

Visit the admin page of the website.

Update the database when it is required.

Ensure if you can let yourself in and out of the admin page of the site like normal.

The last thing that you need to do is renaming. Rename the plugin folder back to original name.

There are different 500 internal server errors, so, let’s have a look at some of the ones:

Error code 500.0 implies that module or ISAPI error occurred.

Error code 500.11 signifies an application shutdown on the web server.

Error code 500.12 signifies application might be busy in restarting the web server.

Error code 500.13 signifies web server is too busy.

Error code 500.15 signifies the request for direct access for Global.asax has been denied.

Error code 500.19 points out that configuration data is invalid.

Error code 500.21 signifies unable to recognize the module.

Error code 500.22 indicates an HTTP modules configuration cannot be applied in Managed Pipeline mode.

The troubleshooting steps and errors that have been covered in this article might help you to fix the error and in case you need expert assistance, you can get it remotely by contacting the technical support team. The technical support team is technically sound and is available round the clock to provide the support to its customers.

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