How To Fix Google Play Store Server Error?

Google Play Store Server Error

How can you fix the Bug of Server Error in the Google Play Store?

We don’t think that anyone out there will be unaware of the Google play store. This is an app market for your android device that can be used by millions of users around the globe. People hardly face the issue with this App, but all days are not the same. They can withstand the issue with this also.

Google play store server error is a widespread error that can occur in Play store that can limit the functionality of the Play store and make it unusable. Well, Google recognizes the error and provide us with the troubleshooting steps that the users can take to fix the bug. But, before that, you need to understand the reason for its occurrence.

Reasons for the Server Error in Play Store:

Let us see the reasons or causes of this error before we proceed towards the steps that you can take. Then only you can move towards getting the resolution to your problem.

  • Wrong language of Google play store
  • Google account wrongly synced.
  • Bad configuration or Wi-Fi connection.

Troubleshooting Steps for Fix Google Play Store Server Error:

Connecting on Mobile Data:

If you are facing the error of Google play store, then you can take the following steps:

  • You first have to close the Google Play store and then turn off the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Enable the mobile data, and then your Google play store will open.

Clearing of Data and Cache of your Google Play Store:

  • To go for this step, you need to go to the settings, and then in App and make sure that you are using the apps.
  • Then, you have to scroll down and then hit on Google play store.
  • Now, go in the section of storage and tap the option of Clear data.
  • Once the data is deleted, you have to now click on Clear Cache.

Updating the time and date settings in your device:

This step can be done by first going in the settings and then in the section of date and time. In case you are not able to find the entry of date and time, you have to look under the advanced settings.

  • The next step is to enable Automatic date and time and now enable the Automatic time zone.
  • The last step is to restart your device and open the Google play store to check if the error is gone.

This is how you can Fix Google Play Server Error and No Connection. You can also call on the helpline number to take assistance from the executives. They will provide you with aid in their best possible way and will leave you satisfied.

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