How To Fix the issue of YouTube Video Keeps Loading in Chrome?

Youtube keep loading in chrome

YouTube is the best thing to browse when you want to laugh, figure out how to perform troubleshooting or anything for passing the time. If your YouTube starts buffering while playing any video, it becomes a frustrating situation. The buffering usually starts when internet connectivity is weak or unstable. It could be bothersome when you are trying to upload some video. Don’t panic, as we have got some solutions to resolve your buffering issues. If you want to how to fix YouTube buffering issue, refer to this article.

Why YouTube is not working in Chrome?

If you are trying to browse YouTube videos in Google Chrome browser but unable to watch it due to continuous buffering, it could be due to several reasons, Here is the list of common issues that could prevent YouTube from playing videos on Google Chrome:

  • If the local data in the browser is corrupted, it might affect the YouTube videos.
  • Sometimes, there are browser extensions in Chrome, which might be incompatible with YouTube.
  • It might be possible you have disabled JavaScript in the browser.
  • The buffering issue might be encountered due to slow internet connection.
  • You might be facing this issue due to the problem with your internet service provider or the equipment used for the home network.

How To Fix YouTube Buffering issue?

When you encounter the issue in which YouTube video keeps loading Chrome, you need to fix it, so that the video can play properly. Before starting with the troubleshooting steps, you need to ensure that you have installed the latest version of Google Chrome. If not, you should update it with the latest version. Now, you can try the below-mentioned steps until your issue is fixed:

  • Test your Internet speed. For the proper working of online applications, you must have a good internet connection. If your YouTube is buffering on Chrome, you can check the internet speed through a speed test. If there is a technical issue at the ISP end, you can use lower quality for video, until the issue is resolved.
  • Check if your ISP has blocked YouTube browsing. You need to check if other video websites are working and contact the ISP.
  • Restart your router. You can try restarting your router and check whether it has the latest firmware or not. For help, you can either contact the ISP or router manufacturer.
  • Restart your device. You can restart your device either mobile or computer and check if YouTube is now working.
  • Try a different browser. The issue might be encountered due to Google Chrome. In this case, you can try using a different browser and check if YouTube is now working or not. It usually happens due to incompatible plugins or browser extensions in the browser.
  • Use a faster VPN. If you want to have a faster connection to browse YouTube, you need to have a direct connection to a faster VPN. It might be possible that your ISP is unable to provide a good connection to YouTube servers, so you can choose a VPN for faster browsing of YouTube in Google Chrome.
  • Clear cache and cookies. You might resolve the issue simply by clearing the cookies and cache from the browser. It will delete all the corrupted data and allow faster browsing of YouTube videos.

If the issue is still not resolved and you want more info for Why do my YouTube videos keep buffering, contact the technical support of Google. The support team will assist you with the best solutions, round the clock.

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