How To Get Voice Directions On Google Maps on iPhone

How to Get Voice Directions on Google Maps and How to fix Google Maps Voice issue on iPhone?

enable google maps voice

The road trip is a part of the adventure and if driving solo without taking assistance from the navigator, then you may prefer the voice command of the Google Maps. It is an utmost application which offers the complete navigation system through voice. Might be you may have asked your friend about this app and probably may ask, ‘How do I get voice directions on Google Maps?’ This question shows that you have the curiosity to access this app and to know, just go through the detailed methods to access Google Maps in an efficient manner.

How to get voice direction on Google Maps?

iPhone device

iphone google maps voice direction

  1. Open iPhone on your device.
  2. Tap on ‘Search’ icon and then enter the destination where you want to reach, but make sure to turn ON the mobile data to access the Internet.
  3. Select your mode of Journey from the navigation icon.
  4. After completing the above step, tap on ‘Start’ icon and get ready to drive.
  5. Hereafter, you will hear the navigation commands through the entire journey.

Android device

android google maps voice direction

  1. Open Google maps on your android device.
  2. Search or type the Destination where you wish to go.
  3. Now tap on the transportation icon to choose the mode of Journey and here, you will get three options, Driving, Bicycle, Transit and more.
  4. After selecting the driving option; select the best route and then tap on Start.
  5. Thereafter, you will get the Navigation of the route through Voice command.

That’s it now enjoys your journey. Sometimes, Google Maps failed to respond the voice command due to several issues and some users reported the similar kind of issues on iPhone. The solution is basic one and anyone can fix the same.

Google Maps voice navigation not working iPhone | Effective troubleshooting steps

Google Maps voice navigation not working iPhone

Turn Bluetooth Off

  • Open Google Maps on your iPhone and tap on the Start button to begin your journey.
  • Select your destination and then go for it.
  • Now, tap on the arrow which is pointing upwards and located at the bottom-right of the page.
  • Thereafter, tap on Settings and then you will get the options of Navigation features.
  • Scroll down the page and select ‘Play voice over Bluetooth’ and turn it in off.

Check the Volume and Mute button

  • Open Google Maps from your iPhone.
  • Start your navigation after entering the destination and by selecting the mode of Journey.
  • Now move to the ‘Sound’ section, located at the top-right of the page and tap on the Mute button, if no cross is found in the Volume icon then it will be audible and if there is a cross, then tap again on it to get the volume.

Increase the Volume in Google Maps

  • Open Google maps and then tap on menu.
  • Select Settings from the menu and then move towards the Navigation settings.
  • Here, you will get few options, select ‘Louder’.

Now you will get the perfect volume amid the journey from Google Maps. Apply these methods in a sequential manner to get the effective result. Hence, you have successfully resolved the Google voice Issues on iPhone.

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