Execute These Simple Steps To Install Cubecart In Localhost

Instant Steps to install Cubecart in Localhost:

The installation of Cubecart in Localhost involves the below listed steps. The users may follow these steps and thus be able to install Cubecart in Localhost. All the steps for the installation of Cubecart can be simply executed and implemented in an easy manner.

Step 1: Download CubeCart

how to install cubecart in localhost

The first step involved in the process of how to install Cubecart in localhost is the installation of Cubecart is to download Cubecart.

  • The user needs to download the application’s installation package.
  •  The users may download the installation package to support the application from the official website.
  • The user needs to choose the version which the user wishes to install in order to develop the website.
  • After this the user needs to click on it in order to download it.
  • The user may release the latest version of Cubecart in order to download Cubecart in an easy and a faster manner without facing any issue. The users may download the latest version so that the latest version provides the latest Cubecart release to fix the latest fixes and for making the necessary improvements.

These are the steps that help the users to download the installation of Cubecart. All the steps if followed in a systematic manner can easily get the work done without any complexity and issues.

Step 2: Prepare CubeCart Files for Installation

install cubecart

The next step that the user wishes to prepare Cubecart Files and then upload the same on their account on their server, for preparing Cubecart Files for uploading on the local host, The user needs to follow a set of instructions. These instructions are listed below:

  •  The user needs to extract the files of the archive on the local computer of the user. The user needs to extract all the files that the user needs for the new CubeCart installation.
  • Then the user may proceed further with the uploading of the files to the server.
  • The user needs to specify the correct location where the user can install Cubecart on their account.

Step 3: Initiate CubeCart Installation:

The user then needs to initiate Cubecart Installation. For this the user needs to access the location of the Cubecart installation files in the web browser. By doing this, the user will be automatically call the installation script.

  • The first step in the process is to do the Compatibility Check, which will review the hosting environment and thus make sure that  it is suitable for CubeCart. By doing this, the user will not experience any difficulties further.
  • Then in the next step, the user simply needs to click on the Continue button.
  • After thus this the next step is the license agreement. The user needs to review the terms and conditions carefully and then accept with the  terms and conditions  carefully and then proceed with the installation.
  • In the next step, the system will check the permission of the files and folders of the new CubeCart installation.
  • Then the user needs to enter the database settings for the website so that the system may configure the new Cubecart installation.

The user may make Store settings and administrative settings.

Then the user is required to click on the continue button in order to initiate the actual installation process.

Step 4: Complete CubeCart Installation:

In this step, the system will complete the installation of the Cubecart. Once the steps get completed, then the user will receive a successful message along with the links to the front and the back end of the website.

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