How The Users Could Install The HP Printer Driver For Windows 8

Printers are the major device that helps the users in performing the important printing tasks that are required to do in their daily routine. Through using this HP printing device, the major hassles that used to come in the users way would decrease through half. It has been designed in such a way that individuals would not get problem in understanding the features of and continue with the undisturbed work. But as it known to everyone that if we are using certain device then there might be certain occasions where the users demands help from the support team.


What is the Process To install The Drivers for HP Printer ?

The process for hp printer drivers for windows 8 how to install has been given here. Individuals need to follow this for solving the respective issue:

1. First the users need to choose the button for “Start” that would be followed through the option of “Device and printers
2. Users are now need to go for “Add a printer” menu that would be on the left

3. From there users need to click over the option for “Add a printer

4. Along with that users would get the option for “Printer setup wizard” and then prompt through “how would like to install your printer” in which the users may select the button for either USB cable or wireless

5. For the local printers, it is required to install the printer with either USB cable or through the help of the LPT port

6. It is time to select the USB port and should choose the option for USB001

7. From there users need to choose the option for “Next

8. Through the next window that would pick the appropriate drivers

9. The driver for the printer has been installed successfully

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