Is your Facebook Account Hacked? Know How to Recover Facebook Password by Trusted Friends

How to recover Facebook Password by Trusted Friends

You may feel pretty when you get an access to the Facebook account, but have you ever met with a situation where you are entering the correct password, but Facebook is denying? This situation indicates that your Account is hacked and might be the hackers have changed the password, that’s why you are unable to access the same. But don’t worry; your friends will help you to overcome this issue.

Facebook has introduced an advanced security feature which enables the users to open the locked door of the account with the assistance of the Trusted Friends and this feature is known as ‘Trusted Contacts’. If you have enabled the same, then get ready to get back into your Facebook account.

How to recover Facebook Password by Trusted Friends?

1. Go to the official website of the Facebook and click on ‘Forgot Account’ or else you can directly reach there by clicking on the link

2. Enter your Email Address or Phone Number and click on Search button.

facebook identification link

3. Identify your account and then you will be directed to the Facebook Password reset page with the recovery options, as your account is hacked so these features will not work, so click on the link ‘No longer have access to these’ located at the bottom of the page.

4. Thereafter, Trusted Contacts for Help page will appear, click on ‘Reveal My Trusted Contacts’ and then enter the full name of the Trusted Contacts respectively.

facebook Reveal My Trusted Contacts

5. After entering the same, contact your friends as they have received the recovery link on Facebook.

Received the recovery link on Facebook

6. Once your friend verifies it’s you, he/she will get the Recovery Code; you just get the same and enter the Facebook Password reset page.

7. If you have selected three trusted contacts, then repeat this process because you will need three security codes to reset the password.

8. Once you get all the codes, enter the same in the Facebook Password reset page and click Continue.

Received the recovery link on Facebook

9. Facebook will verify the codes and after verification, you will get an access to change the Password.

10. Enter the New Password, Confirm the same by entering it again and Click Continue.

11. Hence, your Trusted Contacts helped you to get back to the Facebook Account.

However, if you have not enabled any security setting of the Facebook, then do it immediately to prevent it from the hackers. If you have trusted friends and need their help to recover the account and wondering, ‘how can I recover my Facebook account through friends?’ then immediately configure the ‘Trusted Friends’ feature. The process is simple and the detailed are listed below.

How to configure Trusted Friends on Facebook?

1. Sign-in to Facebook with email address and password.

2. Click on ‘Gear’ icon, located at the top-right of the page and select ‘Account Settings’.

facebook gear icon

3. Scroll down the page and move to the ‘Security’ section.

facebook security section

4. Here, you will find an option, ‘Trusted Contacts’ Click on it.

5. Thereafter, a popup will appear which will give you the brief details about the working of the Trusted Contacts, read it carefully and click on ‘Choose Trusted Contacts’.

find facebook Trusted Contacts click on it

6. Either you can choose 3 friends or 5 friends, the choice is yours.

choose facebook trusted friends

7. Select the same and after every selection, you will be prompted to enter the password, enter the same and click ‘Submit’.

8. That’s it repeat this process for all the friends.

Hence, you have successfully configured the Trusted Contacts’ feature in your Facebook Account and if you lost your account or overlooked your password, then these contacts will help you to get back into the account and the process for the same is already mentioned above.

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