How to Setup Gmail Email on iPhone

how to setup gmail on iphone

How To Access Gmail on iPhone

If you use Google Apps or Gmail for email, then there are just few methods in order to access on your iPhone or iPad your email account. In the internet, most of the people search for how to setup Gmail on iPhone 6s in a successful manner. There are certain users who complain that Gmail on iPhone not working under certain situations, circumstances and conditions. It is to be noted that Gmail email settings for iPhone is a simple method that can be completed with a lot of perfection.

Setup Gmail Email on iPhone

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Here are the steps regarding how to setup successfully Gmail by perfectly using the Google option in the Mail app Fetch:

  • Launch rightly the Settings app
  • Then scroll down plus tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  • Then Tap Add Account.
  • Click Gmail from the list of options.
  • Properly Setup Gmail on iPhone plus iPad – Google Fetch

In  a successful manner,  enter the your Name, Email, password plus a description for your Google or Gmail Apps email address, plus then tap Next in order to continue. It is to be noted that in case, if you have enabled the two-step related verification for your account related to Gmail then you require to properly use an application-specific password In place of the regular password in the field of password. On the other hand, you can largely generate the application- password specifically by going directly to the Accounts section of your Gmail account, plus pressing on App Passwords.  It is to be remembered that after your Gmail account has been verified successfully, you will perfectly get an option in order to select the Google services that you wish to sync with a lot of perfection.

  • Just tap on save when you’re done.
  • Setup Gmail on iPhone plus iPad – Mail.

At present, launch the Mail app that will download in a successful manner the mails from your Gmail account.  It is  to  be noted  that this is the particular  one of the most usually  used options by users, but it isn’t the perfect method  in  order to use Gmail on your iPad or  iPhone, if you  wish to receive immediately  your emails as it uses largely fetch, rather than just Push. On the other hand, Push usually ensures that the emails are delivered instantly to your device when you receive a new email, whereas fetch will perfectly check for new email either after every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or hourly or manually. It is to be remembered that by default, it is properly set to manually, you can largely change the settings by following Steps –

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data plus choose the right option under Fetch.

How To Set up Gmail Imap Email Settings iPhone?

gmail imap settings on iphone

In order to begin with the process of setting up Gmail imap email settings iPhone, you need to ensure that imap is enabled in your Gmail account. Follow the steps that are mentioned below in order to set up Gmail imap email settings iPhone:

  • Login to your Gmail account from your personal computer.
  • Go to the Settings page by clicking Settings.
  • Under Settings, select the Forwarding and POP/ IMAP option to access the other options under it.
  • Go the IMAP Access section.
  • Select the Enable IMAP option in the IMAP Access section. (If IMAP is enabled, it would appear in green color).

After you have performed all these steps successfully in the given order, you are through with the Gmail imap email settings iPhone.

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