How To Setup OpenVPN Server on Windows 10

how to setup openvpn server on windows

About OenVPN Server –

OpenVPN is ideal for Windows Phone, Android Phone, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, FreeBSD, Maemo, iOS, QNX, and Solaris. This open source SSL VPN forms secure point-to-point connections. It allows the users to have the most secure VPN for their situation and offers many user-friendly features. Due to the growth of online privacy and security concerns, VPNs are becoming much popular. Today we will discuss how to setup OpenVPN server on Windows. Before you start the configuration process, you will need to download the configuration files from your preferred VPN server.

The Benefits of using OpenVPN’s Setup on Windows

Anyone can review or change the code in OpenVPN as it is an open source. It which runs in the user space can run without any root privilege. As OpenVPN offers many advanced settings and trendy security features, it keeps you confident that you are dealing with a secure client. OpenVPN provides the security features like strong encryption standards using the OpenSSL Library, peer authentication using pre-shared keys, usual forms of authentication, and HMAC packet authentication. It is instrumental in offering maximum reliability and acts as an additional layer of security. However, it has some disadvantages too. Owing to its multi-level configurable aspects, it is difficult for the beginners to set up OpenVPN Server and Client Setup on Windows. Some of the popular proxy servers do not support OpenVPN. Problems are to be anticipated for you if you are unfortunate enough to connect through one of those proxy servers.

How do I configure OpenVPN Server on Windows? 

1. Open the official website of OpenVPN

openvpn login page

2. Now you need to download the files for the version of Windows you are running

openvpn download file

3. Go to the setup wizard and click on it

open openvpn setup

4. Click on Next; you will be in the licensing agreement page

5. Click on I Agree

6. Now you need to select which components you would like to install

install openvpn server

7. Else, go with the default options

8. The selection of location is suggested to you now

9. Click on Install after you have selected it

10. Click on Finish after the program has finished the installation

11. Now you need to access the folder where you saved it; click on OpenVPN

12. Extract the configuration files from your VPN service provider

extract openvpn server files

13. Open the configuration files

14. Make a right click on any of the (as per the server you would like to access) configuration files

openvpn client confirguration

15. Select Start OpenVPN on this configuration file

16. Enter your username and password

17. The OpenVPN will connect now

Note – If any user unable to configure OpenVPN server on windows due to some issues like Openvpn setup not opening, OpenVPN not able to connect, OpenVPN client not able to ping server etc so they can get assistance through technical experts.

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