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How To Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Ratings?

how to transfer blogger domain to wordpress

Blogger is the site to quick start blogging and many users use it to manage their blogs. But WordPress is the most eventual way to have full control of the blog. It is better off with your own self hosted blog rather than having minimal control of your own blogs. It is now easy to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing any Google ratings and this article will provide the necessary steps.

More so WordPress has the feature of importing blogs with an easy one-click option and the reader comments from Blogger into a new WordPress blog. The Importer tool in the WordPress help the easy transfer of content from Blogger to WordPress. It takes only few minutes to complete the process and the user will be able to transfer all the content from the old address to the WordPress site.

Migrate Blogger To WordPress –

Before moving or starting the migration, make sure that you backup your Bloggers blog including XML templates, blog posts and comments. Here are the steps that are needed to switch from Blogger to WordPress without giving up on Google ratings –

  • Signup with WordPress providing all the necessary details.
  • Start the export procedure by clicking on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Other’ page.
  • Now in the WordPress admin area, go to ‘Tools’ and then the ‘Import’ page for importing Blogger to WordPress.
  • Also, setup new permalinks on your new WordPress blog and redirects for Blogger visitor to WordPress posts.
  • Now user needs to setup the redirects for RSS feeds.
  • Using media library, a user can import images from Blogger to WordPress.

Before starting up the important process, the most important thing needed is a WordPress account and the user’s own domain name. Backup of the content needs to be ensured and for that user needs to go to the ‘Import & back up’ section in the ‘Settings’ page and click on ‘Backup’ button. When the pop-up arrives asking to install the Blogger to WordPress installer, make sure that click on the ‘Install’ button. The Blogger Importer plugin will be downloaded by the WordPress and installed automatically. Once that is done, click on the ‘Activate Plugin and Run Importer’ link to continue.

The URL structure of individual pages is known as Permalinks. WordPress has the feature to setup SEO friendly URL structures. Also, take help from the technical experts over the help number to transfer your blogs from Bloggers to WordPress. Support experts will assist you with the transfer process whenever you can stuck in the mid-way. Support professionals will guide you with the best steps to shift to WordPress for better management of your blogs.

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