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How To Transfer Domain From BigRock To GoDaddy

how to transfer domain from bigrock to godaddy

Migrating Website Domain Name From BigRock to GoDaddy:

Registering domains is an important part when you need to make your website alive on internet.
GoDaddy and BigRock are two major players in the field of website domain.

If you have already registered your domain on BigRock and want to transfer the domain From BigRock to GoDaddy, there are some specifications which you need to go through before migrating your site from BigRock to GoDaddy, when you have your website registered on Big Rock and want to migrate it to GoDaddy:

  • The domain must be registered for at least 60 days on BigRock.
  • Make sure that domain is unlocked with present registrar.
  • The status Whois of domain must be active/OK.
  • You must have provided it an active email address for domain transfer confirmation.

The following steps illustrate how to transfer domain from BigRock to GoDaddy:

1. Disabling WhoIs Guard and Privacy Protection:

By default, privacy protection and WhoIs guard remain enabled, so, you need to disable it to recognize your domain.

Disabling WHOIS guard:

disable whoIsGuard

  • Sign into your BigRock account.
  • Click on Control Panel.
  • Click on Privacy Protection to open Manage Privacy Protection.
  • Click on Manage Privacy Protection.
  • In Manage Privacy Protection, click on disable privacy state, this disables WHOIS guard.

Disabling Registrar Lock:

disable domain privacy protection

  • Sign into your Big Rock account.
  • Open Control Panel, click on Theft Protection.
  • Disable Theft Protection and update the status.
  • Disabling theft protection disables your registrar lock.

2. Check for Domain Availability

You need to check for the availability of desired domain name as it might happen that another user might be already registered with the same domain name that you wish to take for your website.

  1. Open the website of GoDaddy
  2. Visit GoDaddy transfer page
  3. On GoDaddy transfer page, enter the domain to be transferred.
  4. Disabling WHOIS and Registrar lock, makes the domain available for transfer.
  5. Click on Proceed.
  6. Login and purchase the Domain name.

3. Authorize Domain Transfer:

Once you have made purchase, you need to authorize the domain transfer.

Get Transaction ID

  • Sign into your Godaddy Account. Under domains, click on Manage
  • In some cases, you may find the Manage option in Products > Domains.
  • When you click on Manage, you will find an option named “Transfer”.
  • Select Transfer.
  • Click on Authorize transfer.
  • Select Add Now.
  • In Add Now, you get options of Transaction ID and Security Code.
  • The Transaction ID is sent by GoDaddy to the admin via registered Email.
  • You need to enter the Transaction ID and then click add.

Get EPP or Security code

  1. Select BigRock Control panel
  2. Click on Domain Secret Code.
  3. The Domain Secret Code gives your EPP code.
  4. Open GoDaddy website.
  5. Click on Basic Tab
  6. Under Basic tab, in the domain field, enter the security code.
  7. Alternatively, select Advanced Tab, then; enter the domain name along with EPP code.
  8. If your requirement is to transfer multiple domains. Transfer the domains with unique EPP code. The domains must be separated by spaces or commas.
  9. At last, click on I authorize the transfer.
  10. Then, click Finish, and, then, OK.

4. Transfer Status and Confirmation:

  • To verify if your transfer has been successful or not, click on Manage Domain.
  • Click on Pending transfers.
  • Once the domain transfer has been successful, BigRock also sends the Confirmation Mail to your account.
  • You need to click on the link in the mail to confirm the domain transfer.

The above steps have been simplified and made lucid to do BigRock to GoDaddy Migration of domains easy.

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