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How To Transfer Domain from SquareSpace To WordPress ?

Transfer your website from SquareSpace to WordPress

There are lots of website hosting platforms that help you in making your website live over the server. You can create a website using SquareSpace or WordPress as these platforms are easy to use and understand. SquareSpace is an online service that makes it easy for you to create a nice and professional website. You can create a website for blogging, e-shops, or you can create a web page for information.

How to transfer domain from SquareSpace to WordPress?

SquareSpace is one of the best available hosting platforms that create a beautiful website. Sometimes user wants to get more command over their website, so they need some other platform for their website. WordPress is such a web hosting tool that enables a user to have total control over their website. Thus users want their SquareSpace website to migrate to WordPress. But most of the users don’t know and start looking for solutions for how do i transfer my domain from SquareSpace to WordPress? Follow below instructions to transfer SquareSpace website to a WordPress platform:

  • Export your website content from SquareSpace.
  • Go to Settings and click on “Advanced” tab.
  • Click on “Export”.
  • This will download a XML file on your computer.
  • Now install WordPress on your computer and setup it.
  • Once it is installed, open WordPress and go to “Tools” and click on “Import”.
  • Browse to the destination folder of the imported XML SquareSpace file and select it.
  • Click on “Upload and Import”.
  • Once the file has been uploaded, assign author, click on “Submit” button.
  • Then install “import external images” plugin and then go to “Media” and click on “Import Images”.
  • Look for Process all post option and click on “Import Images Now”.
  • To set your permalink structure, go to SETTINGS > PERMALINK.
  • Now enter the blog prefix in the “Custom Structure” field and then save the changes.
  • Now close the SquareSpace account. Your SquareSpace website has been now transferred to WordPress account.

Technical Support

Many people use SquareSpace for their basic website creation. But when they want to make advancement in their website, they need more advanced plugins or the alternative is with transferring their website to some other domain like WordPress. WordPress allows you to get your SquareSpace website to it and use all the functions of WordPress along with all the advanced plugins. Users can call the SquareSpace customer support if they have issues while transferring their website to WordPress. Alternatively users are free to call the WordPress Support team on their customer support dedicated toll free number for resolution of various queries. The number is open round the clock and can be dialed from anywhere. You are just a call away from one of the best customer support team. So don’t hesitate if you have any issues, just make a call on the given number.

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