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How To Transfer WordPress Domain To BlueHost?

Simple Things That You Have To Do In Order To Transfer The WordPress Domain To The  Bluehost

WordPress is basically the online platform that is totally free of cost and that is meant for the users  who have immense interest in writing but do not get the enough platform  to write the things. So just in case you are one of such person then you can simply go for trying the wordpress account. And for that you have to simply create a wordpress account followed by  creating the profile of your choice.

How to transfer wordpress domain to bluehost?

Now just in case you  want to transfer you wordpress domain to the bluehost then you just need to  go for following the things that are written below:-

1. Here you first of all have to login and then access the domain name of the current registrar that you have i,e here you have to access the wordpress.

2. Followed by updating the contact info  hare you have to know that you have to most importantly update the email address so that the bluehost can reach you with all the important information during both the things i.e during as well as after the transfer process.

3. After that you just need to ensure that the privacy  options are disabled for your process, here you need not have to take the tension that you are disabling it.

4. Since you can simply enable it them again when the domain of the wordpress is transferred finally.

5. Then it is the time to update the nameservers to the point  to bluehost, followed by using the NS1.BLUEHOST.COM and the NS2.BLUEHOST.COM.

6. This basically indicates that  your wordpress site is basically hosted at the

7. After that you just need to unlock the domain name followed by acquiring the transfer EPP code or the authorization code.

8. Followed by copying it down and then registering to the new registrar i.e to the bluehost followed by initiating the transfer.

9. Then once you initiate the transfer then you have to simply visit the domain manager tab on to the control panel of the bluehost.

10. After that you just need to select the transfer a new domain to your account option from the menu that is present on the left corner.

11. Then you just need to  type the domain name that you wish to transfer followed by entering the EPP code that you have received.

12. Then simply press the continue button  and then enter the code that  you have got from the bluehost.

13. And then at the end you have to enter the verification code followed by clicking on the continue button and you are done.

How Do I Install WordPress On Bluehost ?

Follow these procedures to Install WordPress On BlueHost –

Word Press is one of the big and leading names in the blogging world. It is one of the unique and interactive medium of interaction as well as allow user to share’s one thought and promote one’s brand, organizational goals or a social cause.  The best thing about the Word Press is it can be commonly used by the day to day user. It is built with the additional features like plugging as well as various themes to make the blogging attractive.  But user does face problem while working on the wordpress, One of the common problem user face is regarding How do I Install Worpress  on BlueHost. User can take the assistance from the technical support or follow these simple procedures:

  • First of all, User needs to go to the BlueHost website by typing
  • Once you have reached the website then choose a plan according to their own whether its Plus and Prime.
  • Further afterwards User needs to secure a domain name according to one personal choice whether its ending with .com, .net, .org.
  • Then fill in your details like your name, Address, country, street name, city as well zip code, phone number and email address.
  • Afterwards User needs to check one bluehost  policy and programs select  according to the needs whether it’s of one year or two years and so on.
  • Then BlueHost will provide you the One click Installation for wordpress and then your sites are ready for installation on BlueHost.

There are plenty of blogging sites in the world. But few match the popularity and reach of the “Wordpress’’. WordPress support will helps and guide in fixing all problem related to the wordpress and their hosting.

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