HP Printer Not Working Properly

hp printer not working

How To Fix HP Printer Not Printing Anything

Digital devices have become one of the crucial parts of our life. It not helps in improving our living standard but also help in doing our day to day activity.  There is numerous numbers of technological devices which help in increasingly becoming part of our day to day life. One such device which has played a crucial role in our life is Printer.  Printer is one of the major device which is used in day to day life everywhere whether its office, organization and institution.  Not only it helps in doing our day to day activities of printing but also provides a best medium to scan the document.  There is plenty of printer making companies in the world. One such printer making company in the world is HP Printer.

HP Printer is one of the leading and world most popular printer making company in the world. Their printers are widely famous among customer across the world with regards to the kind of service they provide to their customer whether in terms of performances and quality of printing. It’s printer are well recognized for strong hardware and better interface to their printer. HP printer is known for providing various series of printer whether it’s wireless printing, wire printing or laser printer. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user face is regarding hp printer not printing anything. User can take the assistance from the technical support or follow the simple procedures:

  • First of all, user needs to check whether the printer is properly connected.
  • The power cable is connected properly and all the other printers wire are properly connected.
  • Now make sure that all the papers are properly assigned to the tray.
  • Afterwards check whether the ink is there or the cartridges are given in the place.
  • Again, after that make sure that your computer is showing the physical connection of the device is showing in the computer.
  • Afterwards give a test try to check to fix the hp printer not working properly issue.
  • First put a white paper into the tray.
  • Now open the print control panel and then swipe the display to scroll the setup.
  • Further touch the setup Icon and then setup menu displays.
  • Now make sure to scroll the Printer Maintenance and touch printer Maintenance.
  • Again make sure to clean page smears.
  • Now further prints the printer test page by clicking ok

In case, if the user faces other hp printing problems and how to fix them procedure you don’t know then under such circumstances  user can take the assistance from their technical support representatives which are fully versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that all your problems must be resolved in immediate time. They have highly qualified technical support teams which make sure that all your concerns are must take care of without any delay. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved on timely basis. So, Next time make sure that HP Printer will be in top priority list.

Troubleshoot HP Wireless Printer not Working

HP Printer is required by every professional either student or service man or business man , at almost every organization etc. With the increase in use of Wifi network, Wi-fi printing also has been increased. Wireless printing is very much preferred by various people and organizations and also it is very simple to configure. With wireless printing, it is possible to get the print through laptop, desktop, mobiles etc. When people are busy in more and more work than it is better to go for wireless printing to save the time and efforts. Hp printers always have been very supportive for wireless printing. The HP printers are easy to connect and also simple to configure with any device. Hp printers come in different configurations for different purposes.

With various advantage of wireless printing, there are also technical issues faced by users while working with HP printers. Many times user face issues with Hp printers like:

  • HP Printer not working
  • HP Printer not responding
  • HP Printer is not showing in the system
  • Others

Possible reasons for these issues may be old versions of software, poor network conditions or incorrect router configurations. This article is for addressing these issues for HP Printer not working.

Restart HP Printer

It is always recommended that when HP printer stuck at any stage then first turn Off the printer, shut down the PC , restart the system and turn on the printer.

Check The HP Printer Drivers

  1. If user doesn’t find drivers in the system then go to HP official web site.
  2. Then select the Hp product.
  3. Enter the product code in the box provided there.
  4. You can find the product code on the printer.
  5. Then press Enter and find out the latest drivers. Provide the operating system details.
  6. Download and install the Drivers and try the connection.

HP Wireless Printer Network Issues

Many times there is no issue with the printer but the problem is with the network. So, let’s go for Troubleshooting HP wireless printer not connecting issue.

  1. Check the network connectivity.
  2. Enter the IP address in the browser field.
  3. Enter the login credentials and press enter.
  4. Check the connectivity status as PASS.
  5. Check the network SSID.

Consult with the HP printer customer care executive if still the problem is unsolved. The technical support is all the time open for the users. The certified and experienced technicians are present there to provide the best technical help to the users within shortest possible time.

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