Is your iMessage not working on iPhone? Adhere the troubleshooting steps

imessage not working on iphone

iMessage is the ultimate feature of iPhone, iPads, and Mac designed by the Apple Inc. This feature enables the users to send or receive messages through the Internet Network. iMessage was highly admired by the users due to its extraordinary and salient features.

However, some users reported the issue ‘iMessage not working on iPhone’. There may be multiple causes, might be an error is in the part of Server or may be iPhone software is unresponsive. The solution is simple and the same is listed beneath.

How to detect imessage issues?

When the message is sent from the iMessage, blue bubbles arises which indicates that message is successfully sent and is working properly. If you found green bubbles, then make sure that your message is not sending and you must fix the same.

Might be you have discussed with your friend related to the issue ‘Why is my iMessage not working on my iPhone?’ and May be he has provided the solution to reset the iPhone or update the same. Well, these solutions are correct but not sufficient to fix it completely. You need to perform other operations too and the same are provided below.

How to fix iMessage Issues?

First and Foremost, Turn off the iMessage and then turn it ON and for the same; open Settings from your iPhone.

imessage turn on

  1. Tap on Messages and at the top, you will find iMessage.
  2. In the section of the iMessage, you will find the slider, slide it towards the left end and turn it off.
  3. Now, switch off your iPhone and then start it again.
  4. Thereafter move to the iMessage and tap on the slider to turn it in ON mode.

Verify your iMessage Sending Option and for the same, open Settings.

Verify your iMessage

  1. Tap on Messages and there you will get ample of features; select ‘Send & Receive’.
  2. Here, you will get the sending option; Select the Phone number and Enter your number.

Sometime Sign-in and Sign-out method fix the issue and for the same, open the Settings.

  1. Tap on Messages and then jump to the section of ‘Send & Receive’ option.
  2. Here, you will get iMessage Account details; and at the bottom, Sign-out option is listed, tap on it.
  3. Now wait for sometimes and then turn it in ON mode.
  4. And then, Sign-in with your Apple ID and Password on iMessage Account.

The Final One; Reset Network Settings

imessage reset settings

  1. Open Settings from your iPhone.
  2. Move to the General feature, scroll down the page and select Reset.
  3. On the reset page, you will get an option ‘Reset Network Settings’ tap on it.
  4. Thereafter, a confirmation box will appear with two options; tap on Yes to affirm the same.

Apply the above-mentioned steps properly and these methods will help you to fix the iMessage issue. If still persist an issue, then Update your iPhone and if the problem is from the server end, then wait till the issue is resolved by the Apple Inc.

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