Seek Norton Antivirus Support For Microsoft Edge Browser

The best Norton antivirus software is extremely competent alone to remove the miscellaneous virus from multiple technical devices. And this way it makes all the devices faster and performing a variety of tasks error free. In addition to, it is even most compatible with Microsoft edge browser which known as the awesome feature for an upgrade Windows 10. There is the incredible combination of Norton antivirus and Microsoft edge browser which really support each other in providing a Norton identity by many ways.

Norton support for Edge browser is based on the Microsoft has provided the best several browsers which commonly based on the protection and identity features of the Norton antivirus. Sometimes Norton products are not compatible with the Microsoft edge browser just like Safe Search, Safe Web, Norton Toolbar, Anti-Phishing, Scam insight and more. Edge browser is also very fast and reliable browser for an entire user who can install this browser on the upgraded browser and then after that, they can install Norton antivirus in order to end up the spam file and folder from a device forever.

Is Microsoft Edge compatible with Norton Identity Safe?

If someone has any doubt related to the Edge browser that it is compatible with the Norton identity safe or not. Then for that matter, a user is required to install Norton antivirus software after installing Microsoft edge browser by default in the device. At the meantime, if any user finds a somewhat technical issue then he can reset his browser as by default to download and re-install Norton antivirus in the device accurately.


A user is required to follow the steps for downloading and installing a Norton antivirus tool:

  • Beforehand, open Laptop and then go to the internet browser.
  • Download the Norton antivirus and then remove the previous version of antivirus and install a too now.
  • To open the Downloads window in the browser, press the Ctrl + J key.
  • Double-click the NRnR icon and then read the license agreement and then click agree.
  • Click remove and reinstall button and then click continue or remove button.
  • Having completed the process click the restart button eventually.

After installing Norton product becomes compatible with Microsoft Edge to perform a variety of tasks. Bu in case, someone wants to change his default browser then he can do so by following some useful steps as listed below.

  1. Open Windows 10 and then click the settings option.
  2. Click system in the setting Window and then click the default apps.
  3. Now scroll down the browser on the right pane.
  4. Here on then click on the Microsoft edge and then choose an apps dialog box.
  5. A user can select his preferred web browser and then select by default option.
  6. Having completed the task click the reset option finally.

This is why the number of users desired using Norton security products to use the Internet explorer and other supported browsers like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox in order to enjoy the multiple features thoroughly.

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