PS4 Black Screen Error

ps4 black screen error

No idea on How To Fix When Showing PS4 Black Screen Error? Here is everything to learn

When you face an error while turning on PS4 you need to troubleshoot it soon. It happens when their PS4 failed to show anything on your TV or Monitor. It implies that during this kind of error you are there to show only a black screen. It is the issue of the black screen comes out nowhere but you can find the different symptoms. This kind of error always happens when you are trying to turn on your PS4 console. When you face this error, you will see the blank screen but your console would be working fine.

How it Works To Fix PS4 Black Screen Error:

In another case when you face PS4 black screen error, you may see the screens normally but when you open any kind of application file, you instantly notice the black screen. So if you are facing such kind of the issue when you are having any error with your PS4 you should not get panic as you are at the place where you can learn everything to get this issue fixed within a short span of the time.

You should start the PS4 in the safe mode so that you can at least save all the data and in the future, you can open that simply. But if you see an error that PS4 black screen no safe mode, you are there to try the basic advice that would help you to get this issue fixed within a short span of the time. Sometimes, it happens when you did not update your PS4 and using the oldest version of PS4, you are not there to open it into the safe mode despite trying various methods to turn it on the instant.

Get Solution To Fix:

When you get to know that it is not working on the safe mode you can try the next process to fix when you see the black careen again and again you can try to restart it. If you want to fix it soon but you don’t know how to fix PS4 Black Screen, you must try the basic but quite different methods.

Following are the ways to get this issue fixed when showing black screen error on PS4:

  • At first, turn on your PS4 and then you need to click on the hold button and hear a beep from the console if you can.
  • You can turn it off and then unplug the cable and then plug it on so that you can start it once again.
  • You can disable HDCP from the setting and select the system button so that you can enable it to see the screen soon.

You can change the resolution mode in the safe mode however, when it is not working on safe contact our tech support team.

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