Reset lost hotmail password

Hotmail is the effective and useful platform for users to send and receive emails for the personal and professional uses. Hotmail has number of facilities and it could be also synced with other account also. The critical situation which users might face while working with the hotmail is that when users forget the password. In such situation, users won’t be able to login to their account and suffer lose of their work. But users can easily reset their password and assign a new password to regain access of their account.

In order to reset their password, users need to follow the given steps –

  • Go to the hotmail home page
  • There you’ll get the option of can’t access your account option beneath the user name and password option
  • I forgot my password option
  • Enter the hotmail address and select next option
  • Now select the convenient method to reset the password

Hotmail Password Recovery via Email

reset hotmail password by email

If users select the email method to recover the password then a link will be send to the alternate email address provided by the user while registering the account. Click on the link after which users will be able to recover the password. As you’ll click on the link a recovery page will appear on the screen where users are required to enter their new password.

Reset Hotmail Password via Phone

reset hotmail password via phone

In order to reset the password via phone, users will get a code on their registered mobile number which could be used to reset the password by the user. Once you’ll enter the verification code you’ll be redirected to the page where you can create a new password.

Reset Hotmail Password via Secret Question

reset hotmail password via secret question

While creating the account, users answer some secret questions selected by them. When they need to recover their account then they can also answer such secret questions to recover their account. Users are required to provide the answers which they have used while assigning the security questions at the time of creating the account.

If users do not have any of the above discussed option then they need to fill the questionnaire. The questionnaire is to ensure that you are the owner of the account and any other unauthorised person is not trying to access your account. The questions would be related to previous password and other information related to the account.

Users are advised to create a strong password which should be hard to remember.

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