How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

how to add customer domain on blogger with Godaddy

Learn on How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy:

Have you heard the term of the custom Domain name and wondering what is it exactly? Well, let me tell you that what exactly it is for. Today in the market, there is a number of bloggers who indeed start their blogging journey with great a passion and obsession with the help of greatest platform of or These two platforms are so simple to use and manage by a typical blogger who understands the best concept of working on the blogging system which is most important as he can understand the investment in the blogging system which is completely zero. And therefore Custom domain is important for them due to its safe way to start the new blogging amazingly.

How does help Custom Domain on Blogger?

If you are few of them who wish to look forward to creating a career in blogging this might be a huge mistake but, if you are going to manage it yourself, you can acquire self-hosted blogs that are the best options lead you to become an accurate professional blogger for all the time. You are guys amazing if you have decided to obtain this kind of the terms by your end that’s because after completing this task you will no longer be the same to start your better career in the blogging with the help of others. In fact, this platform will make you so eligible to take the firm decision at the certain times without a single pondering and help you in creating the website using and WordPress.

Here are some of the best tasks using Custom Domain on blogger including:

  • Attempt to choose a shorter name rather than a longer name.
  • Make sure you are mentioning the simple name to spell.
  • You need to maintain the brands when you are switching from a free sub-domain and try to keep the brand the same such as,,, etc.

Similarly, you can add a custom domain from the admin dashboard. Even a Custom Domain is also known as a hubris URL which is known in creating the branded links to spectate resources including custom links, forms, landing pages, callouts, and files. All these resources using a domain name which is owned by the organization.

So in terms of performing the task of blogging, this platform is so amazing and this is why most of the blogger retains their trust toward it forever. But before all that, it might be necessary to go for the setup procedure that will help you to perform the task error-free and thus you can extend your business online after getting a domain from

So when you purchase a domain from Godaddy, they can assign an IP address for the domain that you want. Hence over there you need to change those records to point to your with the help of Custom Domain which is required to set up with But if you are getting an error message after purchasing Godaddy and trying to setup custom domain on blogger you can contact tech support team that helps to reconcile the problem instantly.

Following are the ways on How to setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy:

  • At very first, log in to your Godaddy account and click on my account tab.
  • Go to the Domain and just see the list of your Domain names and click on Advance details of your desired domain.
  • You can view a domain manager page and select the DNS manager which you can edit for the configuration of your domain by clicking the launch link.
  • Now click on A host tab of the DNS manager and enter 4 IP addresses like
  • You can click on the quick add button in order to change the A records and select the CNAME (alias).
  • If you have already created CNAME for your blogs, click the pencil icon and press next button.
  • Enter the records for CNAME and then click on save changes button for edited data as records to view in the future.
  • You can give the sub-name in shortly as per the norms and enter your short name.
  • Give a domain and hostname that you can keep remember for a long time as the hostname.
  • Click on the and press on the save change button that you can edit once.
  • After settings up a custom domain on blogger you cannot change your domain name but after completing the duration you can change your domain.
  • Having completed the task you can check the points to your blogger IP address and use it in all respects in your own way eventually.

You can say bye-bye to your old when you feel it is not working or any other cause you realize by changing it with your custom Domain name as I have addressed above and follow the same procedures. In the meantime, if you encounter with any kind of error, don’t forget to get in touch with techies to resolve the problem in less than no time.

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