Unable To Access Gmail Account

Through Gmail account you can send and receive mails there could be couple of reasons because of which you are not able to access your account, most common ones could be

You forgot your email address.

You have forgotten your password.

You have trouble with two step verification.

You are not able to reset your password.

You can try to recover your Gmail by trying out following steps

In case you have forgotten your password – go to Gmail’s web password recovery site and then you will be required to fill in the form ie it will ask you to enter your email address after clicking on next it will ask you to enter the password you remember as you do not know your password click on TRY a different question.

Now it will ask to answer your secret question or at times it may ask you to enter the alternate email address or the mobile number on the other hand if you have not done this while setting up your account, you have put yourself in trouble. In case you have changed your mobile number over the span of time, click on link the code will then be send to the alternate details mentioned.

In case you have not accessed the account over the span of 9 months in this case you account has been deleted from the  sever and you will not be able to access the account.

There could be number of more reason from the same , you can simply seek the help of Gmail technical support by simply calling on their toll free number , when he call will be answered by the technical expert you can explain him your concern he will tell you step by step what needs to be done or he will try to take the remote access and will do the needful on your behalf .

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