What To Do If Your Xbox Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

xbox not connecting to wifi

How To Fix Xbox not Connecting to WiFi? 

Xbox is one of the leading Microsoft online games that a lot of people play on their devices. But one of the most important things needed to play Xbox games is a strong internet connection and for that people connect their devices to Wi-Fi. 

Wi-Fi not connecting to Xbox

Since Xbox needs strong internet for playing video games but a lot of times Xbox does not connect to the Wi-Fi because of the poor internet or technical issues. If you are also facing the issue of Xbox one not connecting to Wi-Fi, then you can follow the below-given troubleshooting steps. 

Ways To Fix The Xbox not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Try to re-run the network connection 

  1. A lot of times, the device does not connect to the router and for that, you can rerun or reset the connection. And for doing to that, follow below-given steps. 


  1. Open guide and then select settings


  1. Next, select all the settings and then choose the network 


  1. And select network settings and now pick test network connection om the right side of the network settings screen. 


  1. And if the test is successful then your Xbox will automatically connect to the router. 


Confirm your Wi-Fi Password 

  1. A lot of times when you connect your Xbox in windows 10 then you will be required to confirm the password of the Wi-Fi router. And to confirm the password, follow the below-given steps.  


  1. First of all click on the start option and select control panel 


  1. now click network and internet and select network and sharing centre


  1. Now select the manage wireless networks 


  1. Right-click the name of your wireless network and then select the properties. 


  1. Click the Security tab and now choose the ‘show characters’ and once done. And once you verify the correct password and your Xbox will get automatically connected. 


Check for any wireless barrier 

A lot of times the router connected to the Xbox does not have enough network. There can be many reasons behind the connection barrier. Sometimes the issue is with the server failed because the connection in that area is not strong since the beginning. But another reason can also be because the router is placed far. Or if you have kept any object like plastic or any electronic gadget between your Xbox and the internet, then the connection will not be strong enough.

Test your connection in another location 

If in case the connection does not make your Xbox work then try connecting your device in some another location, Remove all the cables and wires of the Xbox and try to connect with some other network in another location. 

And these are the solution to what to do if your Xbox won’t connect to Wi-Fi. To avoid any kind of network problem, try to get a strong connection with the router. And if in case the issue still does not resolve then contact the service provider of the router. The technician will come and fix your issue by changing the router or the network. 

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