Google Maps Satellite View Not Clear

How to fix Satellite View is Not Working on Google Maps?

google maps satellite view not clear

The satellite view in Google Maps is one of the best in class features that can be accessed in the form of satellite photography. Users can view this feature on various devices and can turn on and off by clicking on the Satellite tab which is mostly available in the top-right corner of the Google Maps. But sometimes Google Maps satellite view blurry problem faced by the lots of users which make them very irritates.

There can be various reasons behind this problem such as internet connectivity, web browser, and incompatible version errors etc. It’s very easy to resolve this problem if you have proper solutions to fix them. In this article, you can learn how to fix Google Maps satellite view not clear through some easy and simple steps. For this, you need to follow the below steps:

1. Check your Internet Connection

check internet connection

First of all, you need to check your internet connection for Google Maps. Sometimes bad internet connectivity may also affect it. For this, go to any other website and then check your internet connection is working or not. To load satellite tiles or standard maps, it always required faster internet connectivity.

2. Clear your Browser’s Caches

clear browser history

Due to some temporary files in your browser can also prevent Google Maps to loading all data. So it’s better to clear out all the caches and cookies from your browser.

3. Update Google Maps

update google maps

A corrupted Google Maps version can also be a reason for this error. Make sure that your Google Maps is updated to the latest version because every update brings lots of new features and bug fixes. After updating, try to open satellite view on your device.

4. Extensions and Updates

google maps extension and update

The browser contains lots of plugins and extensions that prevent various web pages to displayed contents from websites. So disable the extensions and plugins which are connected to your web browser. You can also update these plugins and then try to open Google Maps satellite view.

With the help of above-mentioned steps, you can fix Google Maps Satellite view problem in a very easy and simple manner and you can find here Google technical support phone number.

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