How To Fix Google Play Store Server Error?

How can you fix the Bug of Server Error in the Google Play Store? We don’t think that anyone out there will be unaware of the Google play store. This is an app market for your android device that can be used by millions of users around the globe. People hardly face the issue with this App, but all days are not the same. They can withstand the issue with this also. Google play store server error is a widespread error that can occur in Play store that can limit theRead More

What To Do If Your Xbox Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

How To Fix Xbox not Connecting to WiFi?  Xbox is one of the leading Microsoft online games that a lot of people play on their devices. But one of the most important things needed to play Xbox games is a strong internet connection and for that people connect their devices to Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi not connecting to Xbox Since Xbox needs strong internet for playing video games but a lot of times Xbox does not connect to the Wi-Fi because of the poor internet or technical issues. If you are alsoRead More

How To Recover Deleted Dropbox Files After 30 Days

Check out the effective ways to restore deleted Dropbox files after 30 days Dropbox, as you might be aware, is a cloud storage service that allows the users to copy their files to the cloud that can be accessed using another device. Further, this service doesn’t automatically copy the files from the device for the users who have subscribed to a personal plan. It is required that the users pick certain files that they wish to save.  Indeed, the services offered by Dropbox are incredible, but there are a fewRead More

Connect Xbox Controllers to iPhones Running iOS 12

How to Pair Xbox One Controller to an iPhone An Apple device supports Xbox controllers. It means Xbox game pad can be used as iPhone controller for playing iPhone video games. No extra equipment’s or accessories are required to connect an Xbox controller to an iPhone. It usually takes few minutes to connect to an iPhone. It is very simple and easy to connect.  It is easy to Connect Xbox Controllers to iPhones running IOS 12. You just need to follow simple steps and you can connect easily. What is iPhone GamesRead More

PS4 Black Screen Error

No idea on How To Fix When Showing PS4 Black Screen Error? Here is everything to learn When you face an error while turning on PS4 you need to troubleshoot it soon. It happens when their PS4 failed to show anything on your TV or Monitor. It implies that during this kind of error you are there to show only a black screen. It is the issue of the black screen comes out nowhere but you can find the different symptoms. This kind of error always happens when you areRead More

How To Fix HP Printer Error Code OXC4EB827F

Methods involved in rectifying the error code HP Printer error code oxc4eb827f: After computers, Printers have become important electronic machines that help users in this digital world. There are a lot of printer companies that are giving tough competition to each other. And HP printers are one of the most known in their services. If the users face the issue HP Printer error code oxc4eb827f, all they hunt is the steps to rectify the issue. Let us have a look at the steps that you can take. Troubleshooting steps toRead More