Know How to Change Business Address on Google Maps Via Google Tech Support

There is a high probability that you would like to move your business to a different place. However, with this location change, it is also mandatory to change the address of your business on the Google maps so that your customers can locate you whenever they like to avail your services. But many individuals cut sorry figure in changing their business address and look for the best support to complete this task. If you too are running a business and are willing to know as to how to change business address on Google maps, then go through the steps mentioned below:-

Image result for First search the Google for the name of your business and the city

1. First search the Google for the name of your business and the city

2. Now you need to click on the map which displays your business location

3. After that you need to click on the business map marker which requires an address change

4. Now you need to Click Edit

5. After that click on the option Edit Details

6. Now Change the Business Address

7. Click on Preview for viewing the changes before your Submit for Verification

8. After that Click on Save

With the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can easily change your business address. However some people do not know how to follow these steps. So, in this situation, they need best support so that they would be able to change their business address quickly. One they are in full know about the required information to modify their address, they can easily go for that. So, to get extraordinary support regarding getting the knowledge as to how to modify location on Google maps, you need to contact the Google Business support professionals who can be the best guides for you. Hence if you are the one who is distressed due to not being able to change location on my Google maps, then call Google tech support helpline number straightforwardly.

Now Update your Google Business Address from the Search Result

Google Business Address from the Search Result

Google Business modification of the address from the Google Search result pages, this enables the users to change the address in an easy way and thus blocks the long way to reach Google My Business Dashboard.

However, if you are keen to change the address of your business from the Google business, then go for the easiest way and the same are listed below. This process will help you to perform the task in an efficient manner.

How To Update your Google Business Address?

  • Open Google and Sign-in with your credentials and makes sure to use the details of the business account.
  • Enter your business name in the search bar and hit Enter.
  • Search display result will appear and at the left end of the page; you will find a link ‘Suggest an edit’, click on it.
  • Thereafter, the expanded list will appear and in the address section, you will see an icon resembles the pencil, click on it.
  • Your business address will appear and here, you will get an option to modify your business address. Complete the task as per your need and click ‘Send‘.

After completing the above process, you will get the modified address on Google My Dashboard and it will appear automatically. This result will show that you have successfully changed the address from the Google Business.

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