How To Fix Mafia 2 Black Screen Error

Mafia 2 is one of the leading and most popular video gaming platform used in the world.  Mafia 2 is mainly a game bases on the operation of the Mafia in the US especially in New York.  The game was mainly developed as a world action adventure video game which was released on play station 3. It is supported on various gaming platform like Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and Microsoft windows. The game is set in a third person perspective version and it is navigated through a vehicle. It has generated great review from the critics as well as user especially for its graphic design as well as real based story. It is probably third most popular action games which are worth it. The great feature is smooth function, greater compatibility as well as better virtual vision. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the common issue user face while working on the Mafia 2 is not working or its showing a black screen problem. In order to resolve the How to fix Mafia 2 Black Screen Problem, user has to follow certain procedures in order to fix the problem on time.

Following Steps for Fix Mafia 2 Black Screen Issues

1. In case if your are facing the black screen issue every time then user needs to first start Mafia 2 in Windows.

2. Then its user first of all has to edit or change the Videoconfig file.

change videoconfig file

3. In order to do so, User needs to navigate to C:/ Users/ Your account username/ AppData/Local/2kGames/Mafia II/

4. Then save and open the videoconfig with Notepad.

5. Now change your video resolution setting according to your native desktop resolution and save changes and try running the game again.

6. The issue might appear due to display doesn’t support the set resolution. So, in order to fix the issue User needs to connect your PC to a different monitor or a TV.

7. Then after the connected different monitor or TV, User needs to start Mafia 2, change game resolution to 1024*768 or closer to that.

8. Afterwards save changes and turn off your computer.

9. Then connect the old monitor again and try to start the game.

In case, of any issue regarding mafia 2 black screen problem, then user can take the assistance from the technical support representatives who are always well versed in the domain and have tons of experience to make sure that whatever be the problem must be fixed on timely basis. They have a highly qualified technical expert team which work 24*7/365 to fix the issue on time.

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