How To Increase Google Drive Space Free

how to increase Google Drive space

If you use Google account, you are by default eligible to receive 15GB of free online storage for use with Google Drive and Google Photos, along with Gmail account.

But, your 15 GB would be fully used up, if you a hard time deleting messages or frequently receive huge mail attachments. And this is the time when Google would try to sell you additional storage space on its servers.

Items That Eat Up Your Google Storage Space

Google Drive: Most of the PDFs, images, and videos in My Drive and the items in your Trash take up space.

Google Photos: Photos and videos stored using the Original size option take up a lot of space. By reducing the size of photos, you can use less storage space. 

Gmail: All messages and attachments including Inbox, Spam and Trash folders, all take up space.

There are some apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites which do not take up any of your storage space.

You Can Free Up Storage without Buying a Plan

If you’re 15GB free plan has been used up and if you feel that even Google’s smallest paid plan is too much for your limited usage, then use following steps to free up space on your existing free 15GB plan:

  1. Remove unnecessary photos or other files from Google photos and Google drive. Once you reduce the storage load in those areas, you have more space for Gmail messages.
  2. Delete unnecessary email messages to provide more space for new E-Mails.

Deleting emails gives you the best results when you focus on getting rid of messages with large attachments or on messages that are old.

  1. Filter your emails to see all e-mails that contain attachments and select the ones your can delete.
  2. Another approach is to remove old messages that you don’t look at anymore. Specify a date using the before search operator to see all the emails before a certain date.
  3. Don’t forget to empty the Spam and Trash folders in Gmail.

If deleting emails doesn’t make much difference in storage space, you have a few options to move some of your email elsewhere.

How to Free Up Google Drive Space via Download Your Messages Elsewhere

If you want more space for your mail and if you are comfortable with keeping your mail to multiple accounts, then, you can forward your mail to a different E-Mail service. When you do this is a copy of forwarded messages will be created, make sure that you choose an option that deletes the copy from your Gmail account.

There’s also the option of sticking with Google.

Create another Gmail account with 15GB storage and forward recent messages there. Then use your current address with the new account.

Another option is to download your mail to a desktop E-Mail program and remove it from the Gmail account.

Now, the messages are not online and don’t take up online storage space, these are, now, saved into your hard drive or an external hard drive, which probably has way more than 15GB of free space.

These are all techniques to free up your Google drive for free.

How To Upgrade Google Drive Storage For Free

How to upgrade Google drive storage for free – as we all know that help goes hand in hand if one helps the individual they will indeed be able to get free unlimited Google drive storage in simple words this means , if one helps the Google with content writing for Google maps specifically for the local area one can avail lot of free benefits and indeed will help the individual to  earn 1 point and to get to that level one has to get the inside in the local guru monthly newsletters and also participate in competitions for local gurus in selected countries.

local guru point

Level 1 – To earn 5 points one has to ensure that early access is made to the Google new products and features

Level 2– will help you earn 50 points, one has build connect with the local gurus in exclusive Google + group and one also has to ensure that get the invitations to Google events in selected cities

Level 3 – will fetch 200 points if you upgrade the storage in Google drive for free

Level 4– will able to get maximum points which are 500 points for the same one has to make sure that they test the new products before they are marketed or in other words released in public

If one follows the points mentioned above, individual will be able to fetch points and the relative benefits as well however if one does not want to follow this suit, individual still can upgrade Google drive by making the payment option. Google has made it all the more easy for its users one can opt for either way as per the preference

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