How To Setup Dedicated Server For Web Hosting

dedicated server for web hosting

Specification to help out to Choose Better Performance Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting is a server configuration in which a server is devoted to a single organization or for a single purpose, such as a website. In this, clients have full control over servers, including choice of operating systems and hardware.

If you are puzzled how to get dedicated server, then, you can go through following specifications.

Being an organization which has to save huge amount of data, and if you are also looking for getting the best dedicated server in minimum price you should also opt for server administration. Once you have gone through your requirement and cost that you can incur to opt for reliable, cheap dedicated server, then, it will be easy to do the market research for buying the one that suits to your needs.

1. Select Cost Effective Technology that meets the Needs

While searching for server to meet the needs, a user should keep in mind his/her current hosting configuration and estimation should be about what reasonable growth one expects over the next year or two. Factors which should be looked on while choosing a server are:

  • Operating System
  • Memory
  • Disk Space
  • Type of storage (HDD or SDD)
  • Bandwidth
  • CPU cores and processors

2. You can also save your Money by taking more responsibility over your Server:

Following specifications come under the managed hosting section of dedicated server hosting. Managed hosting is extension of dedicated server hosting. In managed hosting,

System monitoring: Under system monitoring, the servers scanning is done to see if there is any irregularities or potential. If these are done within specific time, the problems can be corrected before they develop into complicated issues or service disruption.

Software and Operating system updates: This comprises of virus scanning, filtering the spam, configuration of firewall, operating system updates besides standard physical data center security measures. Security plays an important role when you deal with personal/ business critical data or information.

  • Full Back-up and Storage – The loss of data to a company can incur a heavy cost. It would cause a loss of money, time and trust of customer. Due to these reasons, it is important that all critical or personal info are backed up and stored securely.
  • Server Configuration and Maintenance – Managed hosting providers offer specialist staff. It ensures that the hosting solution is initially configured in such a  way that it meets the customer’s requirements effectively and subsequently, and performs the necessary server maintenance so that it keeps the platform running smoothly.
  • Support – The managed hosting has provided the customers with advantage of providing support to the customers. There will always be qualified and highly trained support team available. In ideal case, companies give support to its customers 24/7/365, so that customers don’t get the service outage. There is always live, chat or Email support available based upon what kind of support is provided by the companies providing dedicated server hosting service.

If you are going through the query of how to setup dedicated server for web hosting, then, go through the following criteria:

  • Flexibility – Dedicated Hosting service providers work with customers to achieve customized requirements that suit the budget and individual needs and requirement of their business
  • Reduced cost of operation – If a company decides to do the hosting itself, this means it has decided to manage in-house hosting which can be very costly and for many businesses the cost outweighs the benefits. Here comes the idea of Managed hosting which is a more cost effective IT solution which does not let the organizations to compromise on suitability or control.

3. Protect the Data by not compromising on Security:

You need to also look for security along with dedicated servers as cyber criminals or hackers purloin the data or hold sensitive information hostage until they get the ransom. Besides, data stealing loses the faith of customers in company.

When looking for hosting providers, one should see if it includes DDOS protection, Firewalls, and SSL certificates. The robust monitoring and backup tools help the companies to identify the attacks and let them restore the data quickly.

4. Methodical Scalablity Ensures Predictable Pricing:

When needed to choose the server, choosing the right server from beginning helps an organization or business owner to get a comfortable space to grow. The flexibility allows adding up more resources or servers as the traffic grows to a particular threshold.

The above specifications help you out to choose the right server for your business.

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