Moving WordPress Website from Localhost to Live Server Manually

How To Transfer WordPress from LocalHost to Server

To move the WordPress from the localhost to live server, the user need to follow the below mentioned manual carefully step by step.

  1. Exporting The Local Database


  • Download the local WordPress installation via phpMyAdmin
  • Open the WordPress database in question on the left side of the screen
  • Find the Export button at the top
  • Select the Custom export method
  • Select all tables along with gzip compression, especially for larger databases
  • Under Format-specific options – select structure and data and also tick the following boxes:
  • Enclose table and column names with backquotes
  • Click Go to download the database file
  1. Uploading the WordPress Files to the Live Server


  • Time to fire up the FTP client
  • Upload all files inside the local WordPress install to that destination
  • To do so, the user need to either open a folder in his or her name on the hard drive, marking everything in it and then dragging and dropping it in there or can find the files on the drive, mark them up and then right click and select Upload
  1. Creating a New Database for the Live Site


  • Import the database that was saved to the hard drive
  • Hosting providers offer different ways of doing so
  • phpMyAdmin is the most preferred one
  • New and empty database needed to be created simply by clicking Databases in the top menu
  • Input a name and choose the right UTF-8 collation for the language region or go with utf8_general_ci
  • Select Create to set up an empty database
  • Click on the new database and then find Privileges > Add User
  • Type in a username and password
  1. Importing the Local Database


  • Click on the database that was created earlier
  • Hit Import
  • Select the gzipped database file
  • Press Go to start the import
  1. Replace The URLs Inside The Database


  • Time to change the links of the imported data using any one of the following
  • Find and replace all instances via a text editor
  • Opt for a plugin like Velvet Blues
  • Run a MySQL query in phpMyAdmin
  • Use the Find and Replace script by Interconnect IT
  1. Configuring wp-config.php On Your Live Site

  • Looking for the following information:
  • define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘your_database_name’);
  • define(‘DB_USER’, ‘your_database_user’);
  • define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘your_database_password’);
  • define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);
  1. Finalizing Move

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